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Astrology Heals

*Package of 5 Sessions* Astrological Consultation

*Package of 5 Sessions* Astrological Consultation

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Save money and get the most out of your investment by giving yourself the gift of working in depth with Marina, in multiple sessions.

Whether you are moving through a time of personal challenge, working to actualize your highest potential, or stepping into the power of authentic leadership, guidance from your natal chart (a map of your soul) can get you where you are going faster.

A package of 5 sessions provides you with the commitment and support to create deep, lasting transformation.

An astrological consultation can help you navigate issues in your life related to

  • clarity about your soul's purpose, including
    • what makes your heart sing
    • the best ways to be of service
    • your role as a healer and changemaker
  • healing and growth in the context of
    • health & finances
    • family, relationships, & parenting
    • grief & loss
  • aligning with your highest potential for
    • love & joy
    • peace & happiness
    • creativity & abundance

By connecting with your own soul's wisdom, your natal astrology chart can awaken new possibilities and support you as you grow and thrive.

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