Fully Live Your Purpose

With instructions from YOUR soul's map.

Life Purpose Astrological Consultation

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An initial session Marina will help you get and stay on track with your purpose through insights from your natal chart.

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Life Purpose Astrological Consultation

Go Deeper

Working with Marina in follow-up sessions will help you deepen your understanding and expand your toolbox for getting the most from your natal chart, current transits, and more.

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Life Purpose Astrological Consultation

Commit to Yourself

If you are serious about transformation, working with Marina in a package of sessions can provide the deeper support for integration and implementation as you unlock your soul's true evolutionary potential.

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  • Transform Your Relationship

    Learn more about yourself, your partner, and the evolutionary path of your relationship. A relationship session is a great way to unlock the path to deeper love, trust, and intimacy with your partner.

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  • Parent Effectively

    Parenting is a journey of growth and learning for you as well as your child. Learn some of the best ways you can support your newborn, child, or teen to grow into the very best version of themselves.

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  • Grief, Loss, and Change

    If you are going through a grief or change process, support from your soul's deepest knowing can help you connect with who you are becoming, and ways to honor the past without cutting yourself off from your future.

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