Astrology is a powerful tool for changemakers.

  • Nurses & Healers

    • Choose the right modalities and career path
    • Confidently share your authentic gifts
    • Manifest reciprocity - get paid for doing your work
  • Leaders & Entrepreneurs

    • Make a difference while earning a good living
    • Create systems and make business decisions that get results
    • Time meetings and events for maximum effectiveness
  • Activists & Revolutionaries

    • Work with natural cycles to facilitate systemic change
    • Recognize and address biases and blind spots
    • Leverage your gifts and the resources in your community

Unprecedented times call for visionary approaches.

Truth #1: Changemakers are needed now more than ever.

The world has its problems, but the good news is that by doing what you love, you can help.

Living according to your soul's purpose can:

  • bring joy and meaning to your life
  • make a difference for others
  • support the people and issues you care about
Live Authentically

Truth #2: Changemakers can sometimes experience self-doubt and burnout.

Sometimes trying to bring change can feel like an uphill battle, including:

  • working against a broken system
  • dealing with cycles of burnout and not feeling valued
  • lacking time for self-care
Reconnect with Your Purpose

Truth #3: Unprecedented times require visionary approaches.

Archetypal astrology views human dilemmas, problems, and challenges in terms of consciousness, possibility, and choice.

It is a powerful tool that:

  • facilitates self-awareness
  • unlocks creative solutions
  • honors individuality & authenticity

It can help you access breakthroughs that create the future. On purpose.

Accelerate Your Evolution