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Live Your Soul's Purpose

Get started today. I can help you access your own soul's guidance from your natal astrology chart to:

  • fully live your purpose and make a difference authentically, from your highest potential
  • thrive financially while enjoying the joys and pleasures that nourish you most deeply
  • achieve breakthroughs in the areas that are part of your life purpose - career, relationships, parenting, health, and more

If you've been working on yourself, you know there is no "one size fits all" easy answer to life's challenges. That's because what you learn along the way makes you more of who you are. Your astrology chart is your soul's map that illuminates the way forward.

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Grow Your Authentic Leadership

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, holistic nurses and other healing practitioners, activists, visionaries, and changemakers to make a positive difference and thrive authentically by leveraging the powerful soul guidance available in each person's unique natal astrology chart.

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Be Who You Are Here to Be

Whether you are facing a life choice, want to focus on healing your whole self, or want to be your best self for others, you deserve to connect with your highest potential for healing, growth, and living your authentic path of joy, freedom, and abundance.

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Ready for change?

I'm Marina Ormes, the author of Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos and Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology.

I bring the experience and wisdom of a 30-year background in evolutionary astrology, holistic healing, and business & organizational development to help you achieve your personal and professional evolutionary potential, so you can thrive and blossom in the ways that are most meaningful to you.

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