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Get a taste of what evolutionary astrology can reveal with a 10-minute recorded mini reading with Marina Ormes for Only $39!
You choose what you’d like insight into:
Soul Purpose – Lunar Nodes – Wellness – Manifestation – Year Ahead


Spring Equinox Special Offer

5-Session Package

Special Rate of $500 for five private sessions

Work in depth with your chart’s wisdom to:

  • support your healing
  • manifest your personal goals and dreams
  • learn more about who you are, and more!

Get a taste of what evolutionary astrology can reveal.

10-minute recorded mini reading-Only $39!


nurtures your soul


supports your deeper truth and purpose


helps you access happiness and wellness, inside and out.

“Working with Marina has been the most pivotal thing I have done my entire life with respect to knowing and aligning with my life purpose. It has been central to my adult ‘rebirth’ into authenticity and living a life that feels deeply meaningful.”

Julie Brooks   Julie Brooks | A Place In the Sun Massage and Coaching, Veneta, OR

“In my pursuit to more fully know myself, Marina’s skill has been instrumental. She communicates deep understanding in ways that promote awareness, acceptance, and internal shifts. Marina Ormes is NO ordinary astrologer.”

Linda Lang   Linda Lang | Founder of Thought Change

“The change I felt from joining Manifesting with Moon Cycles one year ago and seeing Marina a year later was profound. I have listened to her meditations without fail and with an open heart–trusting each word, each vision as the truth? and my dreams are becoming realities.”

Rebecca Masullo | RN, Portland, OR

“What Marina does is simply beyond ordinary. It feels as though she is reaching into my soul and seeing me from the inside out, and then bringing a warm, solid, knowing presence to hold space for me to effortlessly shift into precisely what I am unable to see.”

Lori Kirstein   Lori Kirstein | Cincinnati, OH

“Marina’s reading confirmed my trust in following my inner voice. Each time I listen to my recording, I hear something new. This clarity and insight is invaluable to me in the development of my business.”

ryan eliason   Shena Driscoll Salvato | Founder of Live My Passion Now

“Marina’s astrological interpretation not only predicted the nature of the technological challenges I would face in my launch with uncanny accuracy, but she also gave me clear and direct advice that helped me optimize the opportunity for growth and turn a potential disaster into the most successful launch I have had to date. If you are committed to your growth and to making a difference on the planet, my recommendation is? don’t walk, run. Schedule some time with Marina Ormes as soon as possible.”

ryan eliason   Ryan Eliason | Business Coach for Changemakers and Founder of the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network

“Before subscribing to Manifesting with Moon Cycles, I longed to buy the cottage next door to my family’s house. Since following Marina’s guidance, I set the intention with each new moon that the place would be mine, and I soon noticed that each full moon seemed to bring some advancement. Two days after this last full moon, we closed on the sale–paying less than we originally offered. Marina’s gentle guidance and positive message helped me manifest this dream. She can help you, and we can help our world.”

Nancy Schertzing   Nancy Schertzing | Presque Isle, Michigan

“My biggest challenge in shifting my life to a higher vibration has been my ability to stay focused and maintain consistency in my practice. Marina’s program Manifesting with Moon Cycles gave me a structure that really worked in my life, that I could stick with. It has made a profound difference. I am simply amazed by the synchronicities that have manifested since I began.”

June Kellogg | Pittstown, NJ

“Since I’ve started working with Marina I feel like I’m reconnecting with my true self and tapping into the courage I’ve always needed to follow a path that might be outside the box for many, but feels right deep in my soul.”

Megan Zimring   Megan Zimring | founder of Soulscape Journey, Newport Beach, CA

“Marina’s work brings a blanket of support to those of us who are working to heal ourselves and the planet.”

Lev Natan   Lev Natan | Sacred Business Coach and founder of The Medicine Tree Center, High Falls, NY

Working with Marina provides you with:

Understanding of your life purpose and how to manifest it
Tools and support for living your soul’s truth and your highest potential
Knowledge of opportunities for healing and transformation that help you seize the moment before it passes by

Books by Marina

Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology

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