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The Moon Planning Calendar will help you immediately know:

  • why different days have different feelings and how to focus each day for optimal healing and results
  • how life is naturally balanced and the best times for things like action, brainstorming, and self-care
  • what will make your clients, colleagues, and potential customers feel heard and served on any given day

You will receive all three gifts:

1. The Astrology Heals Moon Planning Calendar - a user friendly guide to the 'mood of the day'

2. Daily Mood, Energy and Needs Through Moon Cycles (Signs) - an exclusive video class with Marina that helps you use the Moon for optimal self-care, healing, and productivity

3. New and Full Moon Updates - so you know the real meaning and purpose behind each New and Full Moon

cycles book image transp smallMarina Ormes is the author of Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos, and the founder of Astrology Heals, an international holistic practice that helps thousands of healers and visionaries step into meaning, purpose, and authentic contribution.

Marina is an evolutionary astrologer with a background of over 20 years in astrology and holistic healing.

She views a person's life and astrology chart from the perspective of the soul's evolutionary needs. She helps clients access mind, body, emotion, and spirit wellness through understanding and aligning with their own path of meaning and purpose.

Accessing one's inner knowing with the support of astrological insights reduces stress and anxiety and brings greater self-compassion. This self awareness clears the way for creative problem-solving and better outcomes for the whole person.

We can help you get clarity that brings peace, joy, and abundance. We can help you access breakthrough solutions to old problems. We can help you move forward and manifest your soul's purpose.

Access this profound support through our services, including:

  • Our most current guided meditation that will help you get in the flow with what is happening right now. This is for you if you feel stuck, confused, or frustrated and need support immediately in shifting your perspective so you are manifesting the greatest good.
  • Soul purpose coaching that helps you align with your evolutionary purpose for greater joy, fulfillment, and well-being through meaningful work, success in business, fulfilling relationships, and more. This is for you if you want ongoing support based in insights from your personal astrology chart that helps you feel better and/or manifest something important to you.
  • Audio classes that help you learn about astrological signs, houses, and more from an evolutionary perspective. This is for you if you want to know more about the symbolism of astrology, or deepen what you already know with a soul-growth perspective.
  • Astrology Heals Programs that teach you how to integrate the cutting-edge tools you need to step into leadership as a healer and guide in a new paradigm. Sign up on this page for our free Moon Planning Calendar or email us at info(at)astrologyheals.com and we will let you know about affordable options for working directly with Marina that provide you with profound support for your own evolution and living your soul's purpose.

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  • planning and executing steps that bring results

privacy We hate spam and promise to keep your email safe.

“Marina’s astrological interpretation not only predicted the nature of the technological challenges I would face in my launch with uncanny accuracy, but she also gave me clear and direct advice that helped me optimize the opportunity for growth and turn a potential disaster into the most successful launch I have had to date. If you are committed to your growth and to making a difference on the planet, my recommendation is… don’t walk, run. Schedule some time with Marina Ormes as soon as possible.”

Ryan Eliason
Business Coach for Changemakers and Founder of the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network

“In my pursuit to more fully know myself, Marina’s skill has been instrumental. She communicates deep understanding in ways that promote awareness, acceptance, and internal shifts. Marina Ormes is NO ordinary astrologer.”

Linda Lang
Founder of Thought Change

"Marina’s reading confirmed my trust in following my inner voice. Each time I listen to my recording, I hear something new. This clarity and insight is invaluable to me in the development of my business."

Shena Driscoll Salvato
Founder of Live My Passion Now

"The presence and authority with which Marina described the nature of my old story, and the possibilities for the new story that I am on the brink of stepping into, sent waves of resonance and clarity through me. It opened my eyes to what was right in front of me, but I could not yet understand. Marina sees deep into your soul, with a kind of love that goes beyond fear to fill your deepest sense of truth."

Charlon Bobo
Founder of BusinessGhostwritingSolutions.com and AlchemyForMen.com

“What Marina does is simply beyond ordinary. It feels as though she is reaching into my soul and seeing me from the inside out, and then bringing a warm, solid, knowing presence to hold space for me to effortlessly shift into precisely what I am unable to see.”

Lori Kirstein
Founder of TruVoice Communications

If you are a visionary, holistic healer, or coach and you are committed to a positive future for human beings and planet Earth, we would love to have you as part of our community. Together we are CREATING a new path - one that honors all beings and serves the highest good. The wisdom of the natural cycles of astrology helps show us the way.

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