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Astrology Heals

Astrological Parenting Support

Astrological Parenting Support

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Session Focus: Parenting

A parenting session is a powerful opportunity to gain insight into the needs and evolutionary path of your child, so you can best support their growth and development into the best version of who they are.

Astrology does not predict what kind of future your child will have, but it can help you understand how they are "wired," and open your eyes to the way they see and experience the world.

An astrological relationship consultation can help you navigate issues with your child to gain:

  • clarity about their evolutionary path and what it might look like as they grow and mature
  • how you can best support your child, validate their experience, and reinforce their strengths
  • where the challenges lie for your child and how you can best support their positive growth and development through those challenges

    Connecting with your child's soul wisdom from their your natal chart can help you awaken new awareness as their guardian and caregiver that will help you to heal family patterns and evolve in your own areas of growth through the process of parenting.

    IMPORTANT: This session will focus on your child's chart.* To protect individual privacy, this type of reading will only be done for a child age 18 or younger that is in your direct care. If you'd like to support an adult child or gain insight into your own path please book a relationship session or a session for yourself.

    *Please provide the time, date, and place of birth for the child you wish to focus on.

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