Work With Marina

Dear Beautiful Soul,

For 25 years, I have shown people just like you how to use their charts as a tool that is like rocket fuel that accelerates your healing and growth and opens the door to your own ability to live your very own most authentic, brilliant, limitless potential. It’s my passion to do far more than the normal natal chart reading.

I strongly believe that the world needs each of us to step into this potential and would love to support you in the best ways I can. Below you will find a couple of options for working with me to dive into the powerful insights that are available in your chart.

You don’t need to know anything about astrology, because I translate your chart for you and work with you to come up with the most empowered and doable action plan to leverage who you already are so you can step into your greatest potential.


Wondering which program is right for you? Contact us today with your needs and we will be happy to answer your questions.

1. Manifesting with Moon Cycles Membership Program

My exclusive program for healers and visionaries who are ready to experience the profound healing and soul support astrology can open us to. Click here to join now.

2. Rocket Fuel Soul Purpose Booster Package

Maximum support for creating and implementing your Soul-Based Action Plan to unlock your most brilliant limitless potential.

Deep down, you know you are here for a reason. You probably feel it from time to time in the desires that dwell in your heart… and the feeling of the bottom dropping out in your gut when you know you have tapped into the truth. That feeling is life is calling you to step into your greatness.

Not only is your greatest potential is shown in your chart, but that same chart also gives you the instructions that will help you achieve that potential.

If you want support and guidance for living a life in alignment with all you are capable of, that will allow you to awaken your most authentic self, then you want to seek that support from someone who speaks the language, can translate the code of your soul, and will walk by your side no matter what appears, to help you respond powerfully and ACTIVATE your potential.

Join Marina Ormes in this special opportunity to accelerate the transformative healing work you are already doing, and get the rocket fuel that will launch you into the next dimension of living your soul’s truth.

The Rocket Fuel Soul Purpose Booster Package includes individualized sessions about your supreme evolution. You will work together with Marina to discovering your unique path where you are living authentically inside your passion in alignment with the greatest good for yourself and the world. You will learn your purpose, the soul lessons you are here to embrace, and the best way to actualize what you are here to do.

You will Work Together with Marina to Optimize Your Soul-Based Action Plan

This includes interpretations from your chart and tools Marina has developed over 25 years to propel you into all you are here to do, including:

  • Taking greater advantage of your skills and talents so they are in alignment with your soul’s purpose
  • Easefully and authentically walking in the world with awareness about how to quickly shift challenging energies like money worries, unsupportive relationships, and physical limitations
  • Making a positive contribution to the world that is in complete alignment with what your soul wants at a deep level

With astrological soul-purpose coaching from Marina that includes tools for working with every planet/sign combination, you will have support to do all of this authentically, grounded in your own inner wisdom and in the context of your real-life challenges.

The Rocket Fuel Soul Purpose Booster Package Includes:

  • 5 private one-hour sessions with Marina that include exploring what is in your chart and how to apply it in your real life with tools to help you shift into your highest potential
  • One full year of support via Marina’s membership program Manifesting with Moon Cycles at the Lunar Expedition level (includes ongoing astrological support via the inside information of what is going on in the cosmos at any given time, what it means for you, and how to leverage what is happening to rocket-boost your healing and transformation and fulfill the highest possibility for your life)
  • Special pricing on Marina’s full-year, in-depth program Live Your Soul’s Purpose

Much more than simply reading your chart, Marina will work with you to create and implement your plan to stay on track with unlocking all you are here to do.

“What Marina does is simply beyond ordinary. It feels as though she is reaching into my soul and seeing me from the inside out, and then bringing a warm, solid, knowing presence to hold space for me to effortlessly shift into precisely what I am unable to see.”

lori kirstein   Lori Kirstein | Founder of TruVoice Communications

“Since I began working with Marina, everything has shifted – my career, my relationship, my relationship with money, and my feelings about life. Her coaching goes very deep. Her support resonates with my own deepest knowing about why I am here, and she has helped me make choices based on that incredibly profound truth. I feel held and empowered at levels I could not previously imagine.”

julie brooks   Julie Brooks | A Place In the Sun Massage and Coaching

“Marina’s deep intuitive and practical wisdom and her passion for socially conscious business are a powerful combination. I believe that being in business is the ‘advanced course’ for people who are dedicated to their full evolution. Marina helps people understand their evolutionary purpose so that they can fully share their gifts with the world. Her services are an indispensable tool for any evolutionary entrepreneur.”

ryan eliason   Ryan Eliason | Business Coach for Changemakers and Founder of the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network

“The advice Marina gave me was uncannily accurate. I have never felt so right on with what I was hearing. She shares true insight and power through her vast knowledge and eloquence with words. Her unique perspective and love for what she does radiates out to others finding their path. She is an amazing teacher and leader.”

Ashley Ritzel | Founder of Mother Earth Buildings