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Manifesting with Moon Cycles

Lunar Expedition

premium membership level

Check out Lunar Expedition, our Premium membership level!

Join us and manifest your dreams and the greatest good by knowing:

You are never alone. The universe has your back and wants you to succeed, and so does Astrology Heals.
You are ahead of the game. You know what is coming and how to optimize it.
Success is your birthright. You are here for a reason, and natural cycles support your healing and transformation.

Working with natural cycles is the ancient and yet revolutionary approach in which you are never alone. The universe has your back and wants you to succeed.

Whether you want fulfilling relationships, an inspired career, to complete a creative project, or just to have more energy and passion for life, you are here to LIVE what you envision! Imagine what it would feel like to achieve and fully live your dream for your life, fulfilling your birthright to embody your highest potential.


The Lunar Expedition (premium) level of the Manifesting with Moon Cycles program works with natural cycles to support you in identifying, receiving support for, and manifesting this vision and higher purpose.

You will have a structure and guidance for working with the energies of natural cycles that will help you unlock wellness, wholeness, passion, creativity, joy? and? your authentic ROLE as an agent of healing and change in the world.

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