Manifesting with Moon Cycles

Manifesting with Moon Cycles is our exclusive community of heart-centered visionaries. You are in the right place if:

  • You are a visionary at heart. You know that inner healing work leads to outward change.
  • You want to feel hopeful for the future but sometimes get overwhelmed by the realities around you.
  • You are ready for new perspectives and new paradigms. You are ready to see real change on the planet.

Marina has been developing her unique approach to guided visualization for over 20 years. This remarkable combination of energy healing and astrology is something you just won’t find anywhere else.

When you join us at the Lunar Expedition level, you receive a brand new 30-minute guided meditation twice a month.

Each recording:

  • Helps you HEAL and AWAKEN
  • Holds your SOUL in reassuring COMFORT
  • Helps you SHIFT into manifesting what you TRULY want

NO experience with astrology or meditation is required. Simply allow yourself to relax and open to the experience.

To learn more and become a part of the Manifesting with Moon Cycles community, click the button below.


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