MMC twoChange your reality in 30 minutes.

Relax and listen to a nurturing guided meditation that awakens your heart, mind, and spirit.

You will gently be guided into awareness of your own soul's wisdom in a recorded experience which:

  • aligns you with current astrological energies

    to support body, mind, emotion, spirit integration

  • facilitates expanded awareness

    so you can see things from a new perspective and shift old patterns

  • effortlessly aligns you with positive outcomes

    so you can easily discover solutions to challenges you face

Meditation for the May 15 Taurus New Moon: Grounding Your Power - $33

Are you deeply, truly in touch with your own beauty? This powerful Taurus New Moon brings the energy of change into the tangible world of beauty and value. Listening to this healing meditation will assist you to connect with your own beauty and value, knowing it more deeply so you can use your gifts to help others and spread love in the world.


Listen now to this reality shifting meditation.

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Marina has been developing her unique approach to guided visualization for over 20 years.

This remarkable combination of energy healing and astrology is something you just won’t find anywhere else.

NO experience with astrology or meditation is required. Simply allow yourself to relax and open to the experience.

Here's a small sample of the appreciative feedback we have received.

Shena Salvato

Wow…wow…wow. Listened to this meditation as I was doing housework and was stopped several times as strong emotions surfaced for me. Really looking forward to listening to this again (and yet again) in a meditative space where I can really dive deep and get to the core of those emotions. Perfect timing to support me in releasing blocks and moving boldly forward. Powerful meditation! Deep.

Shena Salvato, Founder of Live My Passion Now
Julie Brooks

Since I began working with Marina, everything has shifted - my career, my relationship, my relationship with money, and my feelings about life. Marina’s meditations bring me directly into clarity and alignment that help me take decisive action. This is powerful stuff - I highly recommend the meditations to anyone who wants to take responsibility for their life, but needs help knowing how.

Julie Brooks, A Place In the Sun Massage and Coaching
Charlon Bobo

There is an encoded resonance in Marina's voice that is so calming and approachable that participants are supported in going very deep.

Charlon Bobo, Founder of and

I love and truly appreciate your twice monthly meditations so much that I always decide I’m worth it! They provide the gentle, ongoing, deep inner guidance I’ve felt I sorely needed.

Helen Thompson, Catalunya, Spain

I got goosebumps…

Gi Thomas, Owner of Stillpoint Farm, home of the Mother Earth Festival, and Paradigm Shifting

I listen to Marina's guided meditations nearly every day as they always put me into a higher vibration or remind me of an important principle… The meditations help me see the big picture and not take things personally.

Deborah Munhoz, Pure Success Coaching