MMC twoAbout Marina Ormes

Marina Ormes is an Evolutionary Astrologer and the author of Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos.

A former Holistic Nurse with over 20 years of experience in astrology and holistic healing, Marina teaches healers and visionaries how to use natural cycles of change to facilitate healing and personal transformation that includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our human experience.

Marina is the Director of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association and the founder of Astrology Heals, an international holistic practice that helps thousands of healers and visionaries step into meaning, purpose, and authentic contribution.

In her professional career, Marina has served as a wedding officiant, doula, labor and delivery nurse, and astrologer. She supports people to unlock the truth within that heals the soul. Everything else one could want follows from that place.

Evolutionary Astrology is a branch of Western astrology which includes the perspective that the soul has a bigger experience than only this life. Marina helps people understand how they are wired when they are born, what they are here to accomplish, and who they are here to be. Marina is certified in Evolutionary Astrology through the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship Program. She has studied and practiced soul-based astrology since 1993.

In 2011, Marina founded Astrology Heals and created Manifesting With Moon Cycles, a system of guided meditations which are aligned with the exact astrological energies of the current date. The meditations work with Moon cycles to assist participants to heal and awaken their own creative potential.

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