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Will Pluto Going Into Capricorn Bring New Troubles? – Astro Vibe for June 11

Earlier today, Pluto–the planet of TRUTH and POWER–went back into Capricorn ♑ after being in Aquarius ♒ since March 23, 2023. 😮
Capricorn brings confrontations with our limitations, asking us to grow stronger through adversity. 💪🏽
Aquarius can bring a breath of fresh air with new ideas and new possibilities 🌬️, but if we haven’t done the Capricorn work…
…we won’t be prepared to make the most of it. 😶‍🌫️
In this video, I share what to expect with Pluto going retrograde into Capricorn, where it will be until January 20, 2024.
We’ve got more work to do, and more opportunities to be best prepared, for the new thinking that will come once Pluto goes back into Aquarius. 🛠️
More in this video ⬇️

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