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Awakening a Deeper Truth – Astro Vibe for May 31: Libra-Scorpio Moon

Today the Moon 🌔 starts out in Libra ♎️, where it has been helping us bring balance ⚖️ to our lives for the past couple of days.
Later in the day, the Moon passes through the final degrees of Libra and enters Scorpio ♏️, forming a grand cross (a challenging planetary alignment) with:
Pluto in Aquarius – the planet of truth and power in the sign of awakening and shifting consciousness 💡
Jupiter in Taurus – the planet of expansion and optimism in the sign of routines and stability 🙏🏽
Mars in Leo – the planet of action and risk-taking in the sign of self-expression and creativity 🌞
Moon in Scorpio – the planet of feelings and needs in the sign of depth and transformation 🦋
In this video I share my thoughts on these complicated energies that are creating pressure to shift and grow. 🌱

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