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The Moon’s Shift Into Sagittarius Brings Perspective – Astro Vibe for May 6

Today the Moon πŸŒ• starts out in Scorpio ♏️, then moves into Sagittarius ♐️.
The planets tell a story πŸ“– through their cycles πŸ”„.
As the Moon moves from the intensity of yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse πŸŒ‘
where we are in the middle of the storm 🌩️,
It shifts into Sagittarius, helping you see beyond your current situation,πŸŒ…
where you can get some perspective and begin to find meaning or understand what is happening and why. πŸ‘€
Enjoy today’s video πŸ“Ί about the story of the MoonπŸŒ•!

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