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Pluto in Aquarius: Breakthroughs in Social Justice? – Astro Vibe for April 9

Pluto has not been in Aquarius since 1778-1798, during the founding of the United States of America…
Until now. 😳
In this special video episode, I address whether this placement could bring breakthroughs in social justice ⚖️, such as:
💫 What can Pluto in Aquarius ♒️ tell us about healing and rectifying the wrongs of the past?
💫 What will the ongoing quest for equal rights look like for all people going forward?
💫 How will Pluto in Aquarius ♒️ (2023/4-2043/4) look different from Pluto in Capricorn ♑️ (2008-2023/4)?
Learn what it means for where we are and what is coming next in this video!

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