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Planting Seeds of the Future: A Big Week for Astrology – Astro Vibe for March 19

If you’ve been doing some deep inner work, it’s time to shift outward.
This week is showtime 📺, bringing opportunities for rebirth and stepping into new ways of being. 🎉
Here is a taste of what is coming this week:
1. The Vernal Equinox 🌅 on Monday, March 20 turns the tides and shifts the focus to action and new beginnings.
2. The Aries New Moon 🌑 on Tuesday, March 21 begins a Moon cycle focused on risk-taking and finding the courage to embody your truth.
3. Pluto enters Aquarius ♒️ on Thursday, March 23 bringing a historical shift in collective focus to new consciousness and new paradigms.
4. Mars enters Cancer ♋️ on Saturday, March 25 after an extended stay in Gemini, bringing out a need to defend and protect the vulnerable in society, and the vulnerable parts of ourselves.
Learn what it means and how to make the most of it in this video!

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