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Three Ways to Optimize Self-Care on this Virgo Full Moon – Astro Vibe for March 7

Today brings a shift in energies with a Full Moon 🌝 in Virgo ♍️, and Saturn 🪐 entering Pisces ♓️.
Here are three ways to optimize self-care and make the most of this Virgo Full Moon:
➡️ Identify and connect with what feels important to you. What matters most? ❤️
➡️ Think about any projects, issues, or challenges are you working on. Are there any course corrections that could better support your success? 🔧
➡️ Pay attention to what your body needs. What will make you feel nourished, cared for, whole? 💃🏽
It’s a great time to ground and remember who you are and what you care about.
More in this video!

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