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Three Benefits of Mercury Retrograde – Astro Vibe for December 29: Aries Moon

Q: What do you do when:
➡️ The Moon 🌛 is in Aries ♈️
➡️ Mars (the ruler of Aries) is retrograde in Gemini ♊️
➡️ Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) goes retrograde in Capricorn ♑️
A: You adjust your expectations!

It’s a great time to remember the ways that Mercury Retrograde benefits us. 🎁
Here are three:
1. There is an opportunity to slow down and reflect 🤔
2. It lets you reevaluate and be more thorough 📖
3. It brings a chance to take a break 🛀🏽
More in this video 😍

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