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Embracing Surrender in the Process of Manifestation – Astro Vibe for November 2: Aquarius-Pisces Moon

Today the Moon 🌛 is in Aquarius ♒️, and then goes into Pisces ♓️.
What does this transition from ♒️ to ♓️ bring?
It reminds us that as the planets 🪐 move through the zodiac they…
help us grow and evolve,
for example:
♑️ The Capricorn Moon helps us focus on creating or reinforcing structures, systems, and legacies. 🐐
♒️ The Aquarius Moon helps us break out of the constructs of the past to embrace new possibility. ⚡️
♓️ The Pisces Moon helps us let go to allow what we have put in motion to become something new. 🐟
Today, the Aquarius Moon helps us see things in different ways.
Then, as it shifts into Pisces, it’s great to…
release old beliefs and ways of being, and to trust what is already in motion,
allowing what is… to be. 🙏🏽
More in this video ➡️

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