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The Best Halloween Costumes for a First Quarter Aquarius Moon – Astro Vibe for October 31

Happy Halloween!🎃
With a Scorpio ♏️ Sun 🌞 and Aquarius ♒️ Moon 🌛, the Moon will be at first quarter 🌓 late tonight/early tomorrow morning.
This is a good time for…
shifting consciousness!
Increasing consciousness is not just a matter of waiting for everyone around you to get smarter. 👩🏽‍🎓
It’s the act of…
entering into a new perspective and getting out of the habits and patterns of the past that limit your thinking. 📦
You can do it now, today, and in response to whatever is challenging or frustrating you.
You can shift your thinking about the problems of the world…
by reminding yourself of the good things that are also happening.
You can do it with your Halloween costume 👻👽🤖🦇🧙🏽‍♀️ …
and much more!
Shifting your consciousness is the first step to changing the consciousness around you.
More in this video!

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