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Astro Vibe for Sept 23: Fall Equinox Brings Shift – Libra Sun Virgo Moon

Happy Fall Equinox (yesterday)! The Sun 🌞 has gone into Libra ♎️.
And the Moon 🌜is now in Virgo ♍️, bringing a shift in energy.
Three of the most POPULAR astrology questions that astrologers like me get asked are…
💥 Did my sign change?
💥 Is Ophiuchus (Ophee–who???) a new constellation?
💥 Does it mean there are now 13 signs?
So watch this video for the answers to these and learn why the Fall Equinox is so important for the sign of LIBRA and…
what it means to complete the Virgo Moon Cycle and begin the Libra Moon Cycle!

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