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How the Sagittarius Full Moon helps us own the narrative and create the future we want

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Transcript of Getting the Story Right

Hi everyone, I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and today is Sunday, June 12.

I wanted to talk to you about what’s going on astrologically and how we can use it to make the most out of the day… and the week, and the times that we’re in, and optimize our own ability to live our truth and be creative and manifest the things that are important to us.

So thanks for being here. Today, we have the Moon going into Sagittarius later in the day and it’s heading toward the Full Moon in Sagittarius, so we’re in that Moon phase when things are culminating, things are sort of coming to… the moment we’ve been anticipating in a sense.


The Moon Cycle is Like Getting Ready for a Performance

I use the analogy of preparing a play, or a theater… some sort of performance, for the Moon cycles.

The New Moon, which is the same as any two planets coming together… the New Moon is just the Sun and Moon coming together, so any coming together or conjunction of two planets is the New Moon phase.

And that’s the seed time of the cycle, when we are imagining and envisioning the future… imagining what’s possible, you know, imagining this performance coming to fruition.

And then we go through the waxing half of the cycle. The waxing half is the two week period where the Moon is going from nothing to full, and during that half of… that part of the cycle, we are working on it. We’re putting it together. We’re doing all the behind-the-scenes work to take steps, to make decisions, to do the actions, to practice, to form relationships… all the things that go into creating something that’s important.

That’s going to show up in… depending on the planets involved, depending on the signs or the qualities involved… different areas of life, different modes of expression, different styles, different things that we’re working on.

But that analogy of going from the vision, something that we can only imagine, to something that comes into being… So the Full Moon in this analogy is when that curtain is drawn. It’s showtime. It’s when things become revealed. It’s when we discover the fruits of all the efforts we’ve put in and what is what is going to become of it.

Because ultimately, we can only imagine it. We can work towards it, we can try to shape and craft it the way we want to, but ultimately, that moment of truth that happens when we open that curtain is that something is being revealed that we couldn’t have known for sure what it was going to be, what’s going to unfold, how it’s going to happen.

And so, in our lives and in this dance that we have… of the planets going through their cycles… what’s happening is a conversation between us and the universe.

We’re saying, “hey, you know, I want to work towards something. This is important to me. I want to put some energy some focus toward it.” And we can plant that seed at the New Moon.

And then at the Full Moon what we have been putting our energy and our efforts into is… something is revealed about how that is going to show up, what we still need to work on, or what we have manifested.

And so the Full Moon is the universe’s answer in the call and response between us and the universe. It is the universe saying to us, “you still need to work on this part to really get where you want to go.” Or it is saying, “yeah this is also… look what you did,” you know?

“Take it in because you… only you, can be impacted by this moment in a way that you couldn’t have in your imagination. You can be impacted by this moment in a way that you couldn’t have when it was only a dream, only something that you could imagine.”

So that is the Full Moon in a nutshell. Or how I view the Full Moon. And this Full Moon is in Sagittarius.


What a Full Moon in Sagittarius Reveals

During the Full Moon, something is being revealed to us. Sagittarius is about a bigger truth. It’s about how we view the world, what we put our faith and trust into, our beliefs, a bigger picture of what is possible.

Sagittarius has to do traditionally with themes of travel, of philosophy, of exploring and expanding into new territories, new cultures, new ideas. And Sagittarius is also our ability to synthesize. It’s our ability to take the information, the pieces of data, the things we learn, and unify them into the core of meaning, of truth, of a paradigm, of belief, or a belief system.

All these things fit within the purview of Sagittarius. So we have the Sagittarius Full Moon, and the themes that are coming up for us in the collective around this Full Moon have to do with the story we are telling, the narrative, the beliefs that we have, the ways that we describe and understand and make meaning out of truths.

And we see that this January 6 hearing has been happening during the buildup to this Full Moon, and of course it will continue. It will be different as the hearing goes through its different phases and components.

It will also be dealing with the different energies that come up as the Moon changes signs, but I find it very interesting that we are in this Full Moon in Sagittarius and that as the hearings began we’re in the buildup to the Sagittarius Full Moon.

We’re in this process of developing an understanding, which is largely what this Moon cycle is about. This Moon cycle began with the New Moon in Gemini and that energy is the energy of thoughts, ideas, data, information… things we have to learn and pieces of information, the bits of data.

And then we come to the Sagittarius Full Moon, and it is about how we put those pieces of information together to create a bigger understanding, a bigger picture of… a bigger way of making meaning out of the information.

So with the hearings and… you know, as always, the things that are showing up in the news headlines are reflective of these collective energies. They are also showing up in different ways in our personal lives.


How We Tell the Story Matters

So, for each of us, we’re going to have a different way that that might be showing up as themes of, “What do I believe in? What do I place my faith and trust in? How do I tell the story of my life or my situation or what’s happening in the world or what’s happening for me personally?”

All those themes of how we tell the story, what the narrative is… how we understand things. And so we might have an unfolding understanding of the way we make meaning out of our lives, you know, our own personal story, getting deeper into what it is important to us, what gives our lives meaning.

Those are the themes of this Moon cycle. Those are the themes as we head into the June 14 Sagittarius Full Moon. And of course, later today, the Moon is going into Sagittarius as we head toward that exact Full Moon.


Expect Some Shakeups in What We Value

Also in the energies of the astrology of today, the astrology of the time we are in right now… We have a Venus conjunction to Uranus and that was exact yesterday as Venus passes by Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus is the planet of shakeup, of change, of freedom, of authenticity… of what needs to be challenged in the status quo in order to bring us to where we’re headed, what we want for the future, how we want things to change.

And Taurus is very much about the status quo. It’s about the simplicity of how things work and how we make sense out of things. So when we put the planet Uranus in Taurus, which… I’ve talked about this before… Uranus in Taurus is a several year placement so it’s not just today. But with Venus passing over Uranus, it activates this energy.

So we have the shakeup in the status quo. We have themes of change, of instability, of surprises, and sudden developments. We also have themes of what does it mean to be free, to be authentic, to be ourselves… and where do we need to rebel and how do we do that rebellion.

So you can see that, you know, wherever you’re at politically, that these themes are present and these themes are playing out and we are fulfilling our mission here on earth by participating in these energetic qualities.

So as Venus passes over Uranus, past Uranus, Venus brings the theme of values and what we find beautiful, what we’re attracted to, what we’re drawn to. So what… you know, the bigger picture. What we’re talking about with the narrative, and what narrative is it that we are feeling drawn to, what makes us feel good, and that’s going to be a component to this as well.

What are we attracted to, what gives us that feeling of beauty and satisfaction, that we find valuable. And that’s going to be… the way that we answer that question will be different for each of us individually.

Venus in Taurus very much likes things that activate our senses… the smells, the colors, the textures, the flavors that show up in our life. And you might notice some change, some shakeup, or upheaval in the area of how you are experiencing beauty and how you discover new textures, flavors, etc…

Like, there could be some shakeup around that, and how we do that experience of connecting with the world, with the earth through our senses. There’s some change energy coming to that.

And that of course includes our relationships and intimacy and our… where we like to feel beautiful and to feel valued and cherished and how we receive. It also includes money. There could be shakeup in any of those areas.

That is a fairly quick transit that affects us for several days. With Venus passing over Uranus, that is something that we feel heightened right now.


The Planet of Ideas Going Into the Sign of Inquiry

And also, we’ve got Mercury in Taurus. Mercury’s been in Taurus. It was retrograde. It is now direct, and Mercury will be going into Gemini early tomorrow morning. On Monday the 12th Mercury goes into Gemini. Sorry, Monday is the 13th.

That will bring reconnection with ideas, with details, with information, with networking, communication, and how we share ideas, how we share information and the need to have an open mind.

Mercury is the planet of communication and mental processes. Gemini is the sign of curiosity and questioning and doubting… you know, asking questions, having a sense of inquiry and looking deeper, having an open mind and a mind of wonder, a mind of curiosity to explore new information and open to new possibilities.

So all of this is, ultimately, supporting us to heal and to grow and to become more whole and to step more fully into the highest possibilities for ourselves, for our lives, for our world. And when we can work with these energies positively and consciously, it is certainly something that supports our ongoing growth and development.

So that’s what I’ve got for you today. I’ll be sharing, all this week, more daily updates with you. I’ve been getting wonderful feedback on those.

I’m happy to bring you some more of those little Astro Vibes for each day… videos letting you know what the energies and the qualities are of that day so you can make the most of it and support your own ongoing process of self-care and ongoing growth and wholeness and wellness and healing.

Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. If you have thank you so much. It really helps me, and I am working to keep spreading this information about how astrology can help and support us in being our true selves.

Thanks for watching! Hit subscribe and like on this video, and thank you so much. I’ll see you next time. Bye for now.


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