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Three reasons why we have a right to feel hopeful about our lives and the future.

Greetings! There’s no video this week because I’ve been sick with some flu-like symptoms (thankfully negative for C—–). (Did you know that you can’t use the name for the organism causing the current pandemic because it doesn’t get past the spam filters? I did not.) Anyway…

I did want to share some thoughts with you on Scorpio, this weekend’s Lunar Eclipse, creativity, and transformation. Enjoy!

Why do we have a right to feel hopeful about our lives and the future?

1. We are creative beings, and a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse can be the ultimate reminder of this truth.

  • Do you know that feeling when you get butterflies in your stomach from being impacted by a work of art, learning something new, or thinking about something in a different way?
  • One of the things about Scorpio energy is that it is deep and it is felt. Scorpionic energy cannot be easily described or put into words.
  • Perhaps you have felt some of these stirrings deep inside that are asking you to transform. Maybe they make you feel nervous, confused, or emotional. These can all be normal.
  • Of course, you should seek help from licensed professionals if these feelings become frightening or overwhelming. But most of the time, they are manageable when we understand what is going on.
  • During a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, the Scorpionic energies of mystery, transformation, emotional processes, power dynamics, speaking your truth, and issues involving trust and honesty come to the surface.
  • It is also potentially a time of deep healing and creativity.

2. We are in the process of becoming, but we don’t know yet what.

  • Be patient with and kind toward yourself because you could be tapping into a deeper layer of healing this weekend. You could be processing things emotionally and energetically that make no logical sense.
  • What is happening below the surface is that you are growing and evolving. You can’t control this, but you can trust yourself as you go through it.
  • You can support your process by making or experiencing art, music, poetry, dance, etc.–things that help get you out of your head and into your body and your more primal self that knows how to move stuck energies and heal.
  • When you do, you will tap into your own deeper fountain of creative power.
  • So many of us right now are craving meaningful solutions and support. We want to learn and think about things in new ways. We want to open our hearts to hope and new possibilities.
  • Many of us (myself included) are actively looking for ways not to be numbed out or entertained with sound-bites but to sink our teeth into new ways of thinking about things, new ways of telling old stories, and how we can be part of the solution.
  • As I like to say, the future, by definition, has not happened yet.

3. Astrology is exactly the type of new paradigm way of thinking that can help us grow into our full potential.

  • Astrology is one such new paradigm that expands our consciousness and supports our growth.
  • The Lunar Nodes and other parts of the astrology chart show us how to move beyond the patterns that have helped us survive (which is not a bad thing…) to step into ways of being that allow us to be more creative.
  • Moon cycles help us engage with the ongoing process of change.
  • This will allow us to be more active and effective participants in generating the things that we want for ourselves, for future generations, and for the good of the planet and all beings.
  • I’ve done this type of transformative work in my own life and with my clients for almost 30 years. I now offer a super-affordable option of 10-minute recorded mini readings to help you understand and make the most of the current astrological energies in your own life.
  • I look forward to continuing to share the wisdom of astrology, and ways we can use it to shape the future, with you.

I am committed to helping you make the most of this paradigm so we can create the best possible future together. Watch for more in-depth content from me that will give you concrete and practical support for real, ongoing healing and creativity so you can step into new skill levels as you participate in creating the world you want to live in.

On this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, honor the process of what is changing. Let go of the way you thought things should be, so you can make room for what they are ready to fully become.