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5 Easy Tips for Accessing Creativity

Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse:
May 15, 2022 9:13 pm PDT, 12:13 am May 16 EDT, 04:13 May 16 UTC


This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings an opportunity to integrate recent developments and morph into more of your best self in response to them. Scorpio is about transformation. It’s a good time to space out, feel your feelings, and do the inner processing that will help you learn, adapt, and become something new.

It’s important to honor your need to do this inner processing, and this Full Moon Eclipse is a good time to carve out time for self care and doing nothing.

What is “nothing”? It is No Thing. When you are not doing any “thing,” literally everything else besides that thing becomes possible. Physics tells us that the void or the vacuum, also known as empty space, is teeming with energy and possibility.

That’s why Scorpio is such creative energy. It is the mysterious movement of energy and emotion below the surface before that energy becomes Something–a new thing, something tangible. When we don’t honor the sacred process of unfolding that takes place in unconscious or mysterious ways, we actually inhibit the process of emergence of the new.

In other words, NOT giving yourself time to space out, be quiet, feel what you feel, and trust the process can actually inhibit the emergence of things like new approaches, new solutions, new works of art, and breakthroughs in creative endeavors.

This eclipse is in a t-square with Saturn in Aquarius, which creates an opportunity to think outside the box and step up to new possibilities in the process of creating new systems, structures, and, well, things… IF we are taking time to connect with sacred nothingness.

When you prioritize simple activities such as those listed below, you are helping a new something to emerge. Try one or more of the following, or follow your own flow:

  • go for a walk
  • take a bath
  • stare out the window
  • follow what draws you
  • spend time with a friend with no agenda

Taking time to feel and heal around this Scorpio Full Moon will nourish your soul and bring the best long-term results for yourself, your creative projects, and your ability to grow and expand into your ability to create things you could previously not even imagine.


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