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How depth, death, birth, and rebirth help you unlock deeper creativity.

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Transcript of Mother’s Day and Eclipses: Unlocking Creativity

Hey there, Happy Mother’s Day! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com, and today we’re celebrating mothers.

The Moon is in Leo on Mother’s Day, and Leo is the sign of self-expression. But when you think about self-expression, and what self-expression means… Well, it’s only one side of the equation.

You need an audience to receive the things you express, and so Leo is also about wanting attention and wanting to be heard, seen, noticed, and paid attention to.

It’s a great time to shower attention and love on mothers everywhere. And so, it’s a good time to be thinking of your own mother and all of her unique goodness and wonderful qualities and quirks and everything that makes her who she is.

So thanks to my mom and thanks to moms everywhere. And we are in between two eclipses.

It is right now May 8, 2022, and we’re between a Taurus Solar Eclipse and a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. Pluto just went retrograde so we now have, where previously all planets were direct, we now have one planet retrograde and that is Pluto.

Pluto is about transformation. It’s about depth and rebirth and death. Depth with a P and death with an A. So we have the experience of going deep within ourselves, feeling things. And things are moving and changing inside of us and in the world around us and we are needing to allow that process of change that is very natural to take place.

There is a kind of a symbolic or even sometimes literal death and/or rebirth. It can be the experience of giving birth and that transformative experience of generating something new. It can be creativity that comes from that place of mystery where we don’t know what is coming through us.

It’s a perfect metaphor for Mother’s Day, right? We don’t know what is coming through us when we create something new.

So it’s about creativity, and what creativity really is and looks like and feels like is, in many ways, a kind of letting go of old ways of thinking about things. Letting go of old expectations, old habits and patterns, and we’re making way for the new thing that is being born to come through us.

And it’s perfect with the Leo theme of something needing to be expressed–self-expression, or that expression of our truth, of our creativity, of our insights, of our uniqueness.

So it’s a perfect time to be allowing and letting go of some old forms in your life. It’s time for them to dissolve and make way for what is ready to emerge what is coming through.

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