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Beauty, Success, and Results

Taurus New Moon & Solar Eclipse: April 30, 2022 1:27 pm PDT, 4:27 pm EDT, 20:27 UTC


When we consciously tune in with our needs and set positive intentions, eclipses are powerful alignments that can help us create those intentions. Meaningful shifts that support our success can emerge externally or internally (or both), and may show up in body, mind, spirit, or emotion, in the form of unexpected developments, insights, breakthroughs, or awareness.

Taurus energy is about engagement. It wants you to experience the incredible benefits that being alive in a physical body has to offer. Pay attention to your senses, and open to receiving. This can actually help you be successful in healing or manifesting the things that are important to you.

For example:

When you inhale the wonderful aroma of a beautiful flower or take a moment to appreciate fine textures, music, or art, you are teaching your body, mind, and spirit to receive something that adds value to your life.

This can translate into your ability to receive other kinds of value, such as ==>

  • beauty
  • romance
  • money
  • creative inspiration
  • manifesting dreams
  • healing outcomes
  • etc.

Additionally, four planets in Pisces during this New Moon and Solar Eclipse bring an ability to transcend, connect with spiritual feelings and guidance, and expand into deeper and greater love.

Align with the energy of this eclipse, and the alignment of the Sun and Moon with the planet Uranus, which represents freedom, breakthrough, and authenticity, to manifest results and shift into greater feelings of success.


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This earthy, results-oriented New Moon and Solar Eclipse is a wonderful opportunity to connect with what you want and manifest it. Through the practice of gratitude for yourself, your body, and the gift of life you will see your vision for the future, and feel how tangible it truly is.

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