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Learn more about Pisces, and how it impacts you, in this short video.

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Transcript of Lots of Pisces energy this month – what is Pisces?

Hey there, I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals astrologyheals.com and today I wanted to talk to you about Pisces.

Pisces is a sign of the zodiac and it is a sign that is active right now. Last week we had a conjunction, or the coming together of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. I recorded a video so check that out as well, but what is the sign of Pisces about? That’s what I want to talk to you about.

Everyone has Pisces in their chart somewhere, because Pisces is just a section of the sky, like all zodiac signs. That’s what is zodiac sign is. It’s a section of the sky. So, when you say my sign is—whatever it is—what you’re saying is the Sun was in that section of the sky when I was born that’s what your sign is.

Everyone’s got Pisces somewhere in their chart. You may or may not have the Sun, your Sun, in Pisces. In other words, the Sun may or may not have been in Pisces at the time you were born, but there might’ve been other planets in Pisces and Pisces certainly was a section of the sky that is in your chart.

If you want to learn more about Pisces and how Pisces shows up in your own chart, I am doing mini readings. You can check it out at astrologyheals.com and you just want to order a mini reading… They are 10 minute recorded readings on where Pisces is your chart, what is in Pisces and how Pisces is activated for you. What it means for you that we have this Pisces energy activated right now.

You can request any type of mini reading. Just go ahead and put, “I’d like to know more about Pisces in my chart” in the comments and I’ll be sure to cover that in your mini reading.

So what is Pisces?

Pisces is a section of the sky that is a water sign. It is about the eternal oneness, transcendence, the great ocean of being. It is about the divine, the great beyond, the big picture. It is that sense of everything—all that is—that exists beyond, and also including this physical existence that we have—these bodies that we walk around in, this earth we’re playing in, and all of its limitations and uniquenesses that it has.

Pisces is everything, and Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. It is, at least the way that I think about it… because we start with Aries. Aries is the beginning, It’s new birth, the springtime, the emergence of new growth and babies and plants coming out of the ground.

We come full circle around in the year and through signs to Pisces which is the last one that is at the end of winter. It is the time when we release and let go in preparation for the new beginnings, so it is the sign of letting go.

It is the sign of dissolving, of releasing, of grief, of losing touch with… either losing touch with a sense of belonging or what had been a structure into your life. That could be losing a person, someone you love, it could be losing a thing. It could be letting go of a belief, a process, a structure in your life… something that gives substance to your life that needs to be released in order to make way for something new.

Pisces energy is the energy of transcendence, of going beyond what we have known, how we have understood things, how we have structured things, what we believe, how we know things work… to go beyond that and open into this vast realm of infinite possibility, of divine connections, of that place of spirituality where you can experience the connection that is beyond the here and now, beyond the physical.

So, it’s that ability to connect with love, through love, with loved ones who have passed with spiritual—spiritual experiences and spirit guides and guidance and wisdom and anything that is spiritual for you… the big picture of nature, of the earth, of the divine energies, of dreams, of the ability to imagine—the way imagination takes you outside of the limitations of your daily realities. It’s your capacity to imagine that gives you the ability to that create something new.

There’s so much to know and understand about Pisces and what Pisces is all about. This is just the beginning, just a simple taste and I would love to tell you more about what that looks like and how that shows up in your chart, what becomes possible when you make the most out of this Pisces energy and what that could look like for you.

Check it out astrologyheals.com go to the Work with Marina page and on there, there will be a link to purchase a mini reading. It’s a ten-minute recorded reading from me that I will send to you.

Be sure to put in the comments that you’d like to learn where Pisces is in your chart and it doesn’t matter what kind of mini reading you choose. There’s a couple different choices that you have… you can choose the Moon cycle option and just be sure to put Pisces in the in the comments—that you want to learn more about Pisces.

I’ll walk you through what that looks like in your chart and how that shows up for you and how to imagine… how to capitalize on this energy of your ability to imagine outside or beyond what you experience currently, or how you understand things, and get beyond your limitations, beyond the things that hold you back.

Getting beyond the things that challenge you or get in your way, the roadblocks, the frustrations… helps you to imagine a vision and a world beyond—that expands into infinite possibility.

And that is what this Neptune and Jupiter conjunction brings us, as well as Mars and Venus both in Pisces, and in a week or so—toward the end of, or later in, April, we will have the Moon going through Pisces as well. So, five planets will be in Pisces at the same time and throughout the end of April we have this really heightened Pisces energy that helps us step into all we can imagine.

So you can capitalize on that ability to expand into infinite possibility.

We need to be aware of the potential for getting confused, for getting detached from reality, for following a fantasy or a delusion or illusions that don’t pan out, so it’s important to be able to work with this energy constructively and powerfully.

I hope that having that mini reading option helps you do that! So check it out astrologyheals.com, go to “Work with Marina” [click the link above on this page] and click on the link for the mini readings. All right. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye for now.