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How Letting Go Creates Big Dreams

Libra Full Moon: April 16, 2022 11:54 am PDT, 2:54 pm EDT, 18:54 UTC


The upcoming Full Moon is in Libra, the sign of the peacemaker. It is also features four planets in the spiritual and transcendent sign of Pisces, including Jupiter and Neptune, whose conjunction was exact on April 12.

The Jupiter Neptune conjunction is an alignment that brings a potential for feeling lost and confused, distracted by fantasy or illusion… or an opening to the ability to imagine and create big dreams through the expansion of your heart and mind.

Libra is about partnerships and relationships, so if we are doing the work to align with the highest possibilities for this Full Moon, we will be expanding into big dreams… in and through relationships.

With Pluto squaring the Sun and Moon, there could be challenges involving power or authority that bring profound transformation if handled courageously.

With the Sun in Aries, it is important to act boldly and authentically, to move and make decisions from your inner truth rather than from fear, compromise, or reactivity.

It’s a good time to be honest with yourself, and reflect on the following:

  • Where do you need to surrender, to sink into trust and know that you are loved in the big picture, no matter what?
  • How do any issues or themes coming up in your relationships (romantic or otherwise) ask you to open your mind and expand your heart?
  • If you were to let go of control or the need to be right, what emotions would come up? How would your heart tell you to respond?

When you navigate from your heart, you will always be on course. Everything that gets in your way is part of the process of teaching you to let go of who you have been, so you can be who you truly are and create dreams bigger than you can even imagine.


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