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Let Go and Let Be

New Moon: March 2, 2022 9:34 am PST, 12:34 pm EST, 17:34 UTC


Pisces dissolves. What forms and structures in your life are being dismantled or dissolving to make way for new ways of being?

It’s time to let go, offer your gratitude or grief, and allow life to carry you where you need to be. We don’t always know why things happen the way they do, but when we allow ourselves to relax and surrender in trust that we are part of something greater that will reveal itself in time, we can feel peaceful.

With both Jupiter conjoining this New Moon and Neptune also a few degrees away in Pisces, you may find that your beliefs are changing. You may be in the process of opening to a greater truth. Letting go will help you align with this natural process that can bring greater healing and love to your being.

To connect with the gifts of this New Moon, you might check in with your

  • Dreams – what energies or feelings are working themselves out through your dreams?
  • Imagination – what creative energies are moving or flowing through you?
  • Feelings – are there any losses in your life that you need to notice or grieve?

What would it mean for you to simply allow things to be as they are, to be and feel simply what is? As you allow this process of dissolving, you are letting in the light of your true essence, so it can more fully shine in new forms.

Want deeper support around this New Moon?

This New Moon invites you to bypass thought and allow yourself to move in response to the energy you feel. This meditation will help you connect with your ability to receive healing and supportive energies and respond in alignment with them, allowing your actions to flow naturally from and in service to the greatest good.

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