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Shine Your Light on the Leo Full Moon

Full Moon: February 16, 2022 8:56 am PST


Full Moons reveal, and Leo brings a focus to themes of self-expression. Opposite the Sun in Aquarius, this Full Moon can turn on a light bulb that reveals how you need to be seen in the world. 

To connect with the gifts of this Full Moon, you might ask yourself:

  • If there was one area of life that felt most important to you to make a difference, what would it be?
  • Who would you need to be to be the person who would make that happen?
  • What would have to change about the way things are for you to be that person?

It’s a good time to open your heart and mind to what is coming that you may not have previously been able to even imagine. Pay attention to the events and circumstances that are unfolding around you before, during, after the exact Full Moon, because what is coming up in your life at this time is helping you see things in a new light.

As you open yourself to new perspectives, you make yourself available for creative insight or something deeper that is calling you.

Heeding that call is good for you. It helps you feel whole, alive, and like you are doing something meaningful. It is also good for the people around you–friends, family, and the wider world. It benefits the greater good when you show up more fully and authentically from your essence.

Want deeper support around this Full Moon?

This Full Moon illuminates your life path and the way you are meant to shine. It asks you to step consciously into your future, choosing your path on purpose. This meditation will open your heart and mind, helping you see the support that is available to you as you create a future filled with powerful expressions of your soul’s truths.

Click here to purchase Marina’s meditation for the Leo Full Moon: Being Seen for Who You Are.