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What will the future look like? – New Moon in Aquarius, January 31, 2022

Aquarius is the energy of innovation, new ideas, and rebellion against the status quo. Without the Aquarian breath of fresh ideas and energy, we would be doomed to repeat the past for all eternity.

But we don’t always embrace new possibilities for a very simple reason…

We like to stick with what we know.

What is comfortable and familiar may sometimes represent the opposite of freedom, but sticking with what we know can often seem better than stepping into the unknown with all the uncertainty that change brings.

But the upcoming Aquarius New Moon reminds us that infinite possibility exists just beyond the metaphorical comfort zone.

The best way to open yourself to receiving the gifts of the Aquarius New Moon is to give yourself permission NOT to go into old habits and patterns.

The simple choice to:

  • do something different
  • shake things up a bit
  • allow a bit more space around things…

…creates the openness in which new ideas and insights can find their way to emerge in the light of day.

By opening to change, you create the space for the insights, inspirations, and new possibilities to find you and give you new clues about how to move forward. 

If you are going to live your most purposeful and passionate life, change must come. Now is the time to open to what you’ve never considered, and let it carry you forward into your future.