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How to step into the future boldly and courageously as a potent and authentic agent of healing and positive change.

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Transcript of Video 6 Where do we go from here?

Welcome to Video Six and our final video in the Countdown to 2022 series.

It is now 2022, so welcome to the future. Welcome to yourself. I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and I’m so grateful to you for being part of my video series as we look at what is where we are in the bigger picture of astrological cycles.

What is changing? What is breaking down? We’re talking about what the future could look like and what to expect as we head into 2022.

We had already five videos in the series, plus a bonus video so actually we’ve had six videos and each one has focused on a particular topic related to the bigger picture of the astrological energies.

We talked about Pluto and Pluto being in Capricorn what that is going to look like as Pluto moves through the final degrees of Capricorn, getting ready to ingress, or go, into Aquarius in 2023 and 24.

What does it look like to have one more year as we, sort of, complete this Capricorn energy for Pluto. I went in depth on that in Video Two and in Video Three we talked about the Saturn Uranus square and how it was such a big deal for us throughout 2021.

The Saturn Uranus square was creating pressure and also some differences in the way the way in which we respond. It’s been creating some differences in perspective and I talked about how you can work with that energy…

I talked about how it’s pressuring us to align with our true selves to find that center of self-trust and self-reliance where we need to respond. And where we need to step up and find our backbone to do what we need to do, to participate in the healing of the world and the world becoming the better place that it is possible to become.

In Video Four I went in-depth into the Jupiter Neptune conjunction that is coming up in 2022 and how that is giving us a the potential for confusion, delusion, or misinformation and confusion about what truth is.

It brings this energy of confusion about what’s true and what’s a lie, but also an ability to expand into possibility, to imagine a bigger and better future, to allow our hearts to expand, and to step into this bigger picture of a more caring and compassionate future.

Then we had a bonus video with me and Sheri Horn Hasan, my good friend who is also an evolutionary astrologer. We looked at the election day eclipse that is coming in November 2022 and some other astrological signifiers for what the politics in the United States are going to look like and what that means for us and how we can respond to it.

That was a really, really fun and juicy conversation that I had with my friend Sheri, so that was awesome. And then on New Year’s Day we had a guided meditation setting intentions for the coming year and we really looked at what your evolutionary medicine is, what that particular part of your chart is that shows you how to be a changemaker and how to step into your potential which I just love.

So really, really potent information here that I’ve been sharing with you and today we are here to talk about how to manifest your intentions in 2022.

We had a New Moon in Capricorn the day after New Year’s Day. So on January 2, there was a Capricorn New Moon inviting us to set our intentions for the coming year and for the future and for the Moon cycle.

I shared with you last time how to find your Lunar Nodes. That is your evolutionary medicine—how to understand what some of the patterns are that may hold you back from your karmic past and what that looks like. It shows you how to understand what that karmic past is. You can use that information to become more aware about yourself and make choices that allow you to step into all your capable of.

So we have got now those Lunar Nodes, which if you missed that go back and watch that, Video Five from January 1.

Because what we’re going to talk about today is how to work with that energy that information of your evolutionary medicine and your intentions for the year—thinking big, dreaming big… and as you’ve probably noticed, and as we’ve been talking about, 2022 is inviting us to step up our game.

It really is calling upon us to be our best selves, to step into all that we are capable of and to get focused on who we are, how are you doing your healing work and how are you are bringing that healing work out into the world and sharing it in more outward ways that helps to spread that energy of healing and possibility.

We need to ask ourselves how we are getting involved. For some of us, that may be stepping into some activism and involved politically. For others of us it’s going to be about how we work on our relationships in our workplace, or what the creative work is that were doing, or the way we share ideas and cultivate new possibilities through exchanging ideas with other people or collaborating in partnerships.

So whatever that is for you that is calling you, that is asking you to participate, to be engaged, to be a force for positivity and healing in the world…

Be careful not to waste your energy on the naysayers, on the people who want to intimidate you or bully. Don’t waste your energy on that, it’s not… It doesn’t need to distract you. As long as you keep moving forward and keep stepping into what it feels right for you, for your next step and for your healing path, that’s all you need to do so. Keep moving forward. Keep speaking your truth.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you shouldn’t, especially on social media. Social media is like this platform that’s designed just to… where we can express all the most hateful thoughts. Where we can express these, sort of, diminishing thoughts that we normally, like, you know…

If you have an advertisement or an article in the magazine or are watching a TV show, we can just, you know, kind of badmouth it all we want in the privacy of our homes, or with our with our spouses or families, but we didn’t badmouth it or bash it to the people who were putting it out there because we couldn’t do that.

But with social media we can. So, you know, somebody else doesn’t like you stepping into your truth because it really highlights the fact that they don’t like the, you know, their life… or they have fears or whatever is coming up for them and so it’s easier for them to take you down them for them to confront whatever it is that is coming up for them.

So we’re looking at how to heal that. And again it is just social media. It’s just, don’t give it any attention or any of your time. Keep moving forward. Look for where the support is when you see people responding in a positive way. Look for people saying, “hey that’s awesome. I love that. That sounds great.”

Choose those things that you will listen to because that is supporting your truth, right? This is your choice what energies you let into your space, so in order to continue this work to work with your intentions for 2022, to follow this path of embodying your soul’s highest potential, one of the things that you can do that is so easy to work with is Moon cycles.

As I mentioned, I have a program. It’s a group where people can come together and get support in working with these Moon cycles and in a minute I will tell you little bit more about that. But basically in a nutshell it is as simple as setting your intentions on the New Moon and then observing what is revealed to you on the Full Moon.

It is a process, an ongoing process of setting intentions, planting seeds, seeing what is revealed to you, and then coming back to the next New Moon where you can set your intentions again. And you might have learned something. Your intentions might’ve changed a little bit. Maybe your intentions don’t have the same feeling or meaning that they did last month.

You get the chance to ask, “are those intentions meaningful to me anymore?” Maybe you want to set new intentions, or maybe you are setting exactly the same intention that you did last month because you’re still working on it and it still resonates and still feels truthful and powerful for you.

Because an intention is an intention, right? An intention is something that you want. It is something you would like to align with, have, feel, discover, or become.

An intention is something that you are choosing to become. So it could be like, you know, “my intention is to be in a relationship. My intention is to have a new house. My intention is to finish a project. My intention is to work on my body and my health. My intention is to have more exercise…”

And, you know, whatever is feeling right to you, because that intention is a starting place so it doesn’t have to be locked in. You’re not committed to fulfilling that particular intention.

What you’re doing is your saying, “I’m aligning myself with this thing that I want because that is the path that is going to teach me the most about how to be me.” So that desire is there, because there is something calling you.

So say, for instance, that you want a new house. That desire is calling you to learn something. It is calling you to walk a particular path, to discover things along a particular journey.

You might have a new house in a month, or you might not have a new house in a month. You might not have a new house in six months or a year with intentions. There is no failure because you’re always in the present moment.

With an intention, you get to say, “my intention is to have a new house.” Then you can review. You might say, “I do not have a new house yet, but this is what I learned last month. These are the actions I took this and is what I learned. This is who I talked to, and this is where I’m going next.”

You can always come back to your intentions and say, “that’s what I’m doing. I am aligning with this desire that I have.”

Now sometimes that can be more of a feeling of desperation, say if you are homeless and you need a house. That’s, you know, more of a pressure situation. So you might have to adapt or be flexible in your choices.

You might need to say, “this is what it is going to be for now. How can I step into something that’s better for me right now, even if it’s not my ideal. How can I have something that meets my needs, maybe it will meet 10% and not 100% of my needs, but I’m taking that baby step that goes in the direction of having everything I want and that it is moving in the right direction.”

That is our healing and our progress and our process. Because when you’re doing that what you’re doing is building your own self-reliance. You are building trust in yourself, in your ability to make choices that are good for you.

So, who did you talk to? What did you learn? What steps are there to take next? That’s how you work with intentions. You state them and you restate them and you state them again and anytime you get worried or overwhelmed… like, “oh my God, I thought I would have this by now and I don’t…” you take a deep breath.

You say, “my intention is to have a house and I’m going to align with that desire and I’m going to open to a willingness to discover where this path leads me and what I can find along the way.”

That’s really what it is and I’m not saying you won’t have a house. Maybe you will have a house within a week. That happens sometimes. But I’m just saying that you’re not a failure if you don’t.

That’s the beauty of working with intentions is that it supports you to be you. It supports you to become more whole as you learn more about yourself.

So identify your intentions on the New Moon. When there is a New Moon… within two days before to two days after the New Moon, we have about a five-day window in which those energies are most active.

If you can take some time out for yourself, sometime during that five-day window, and get quiet. Take a deep breath and either journal or tune in with yourself and let go of… clear your thoughts out and make room for your own awareness about what your intentions really are.

What is it that resonates as true for you and what feels powerful. Maybe it might feel a little bit scary because it is asking more of yourself, you are building trust in yourself and it is something that gets built slowly over time.

You don’t have to get to the top of the mountain overnight. You have to start at the bottom and take one step at a time. That’s what works, so if you can do that throughout this year, set your intentions and reset them.

As you come back to your intentions, they help you, support you in becoming more whole, becoming more powerful. By powerful, I mean more able to generate results, more able to make a difference in the world that needs you to make a difference in it.

If you have some concerns about some of the things that Sheri and I talked about in the bonus video about what’s happening in the world and what is going wrong, or what could go wrong…. There’s a lot, right? So how can you… How can you get involved in making a difference?

What does that look like for you in 2022? And so again with each New Moon, setting an intention and then supporting yourself to take the steps to fulfill that intention. Whether it is for you getting involved, volunteering, writing letters, contacting your politicians, running for office, getting involved in your community, helping people, getting involved in something that is, you know, an organization that is trying to make a difference, like planting trees or whatever.

You know there are so many ways that people are thinking outside the box and doing new things and finding solutions, so get involved. Get off social media. That is where the naysayers are. Find a place where people are making a difference.

I want to invite you to join me for some deeper support this year and what I’m doing is we have a group called Lunar Expedition. I’ve actually been doing this since 2012 and we are working with Moon cycles.

It’s a super affordable monthly program that just gives you the support to stay on track with your intentions. It gives you regular reminders of what the energies are and how to bring yourself back to the positive possibilities because the more you align yourself with positive possibilities, the more, again, you are supporting yourself to step into your own highest potential, to step into your wholeness, your power, and your ability to make a difference.

So in this program, Lunar Expedition, which is part of Manifesting with Moon Cycles, we are manifesting with each Moon cycle. The results and the outcomes that we get are sometimes the results that we wanted, or we didn’t even know we wanted them, right? Things can unfold and happen and pop into reality that we couldn’t even imagine, and that’s how this works.

It’s like, when you work with your own intentions, when you work with your thoughts and beliefs and shifting slowly over time from thoughts and beliefs that get in your way, from having people in your life that don’t support you… to replacing all of these with things that do support your highest good, then you are creating the conditions where synchronicities can appear.

And by synchronicities I just mean something happens. You know, you get a job offer, you get a phone call, some money appears, an opportunity appears, or the right people show up when, before, you felt alone.

That’s how synchronicity works. You are aligning yourself with the positive energies of the universe and those positive energies can give you this pathway that you can see before you. Synchronicity is just a meaningful coincidence. So those synchronicities are the things that bring wonder and joy and love into our lives, so that’s what we want to create.

The way that we create it is through working with cycles and setting our intentions. In this group you get support that keeps you on track with setting your intentions. We’re going to have a theme that we work with every month that is related to the current Moon cycle.

This month’s theme is foundations and getting organized. We’re talking about in our group… already we’re talking about what our intentions are and how to get those intentions into a plan, into a structure…

We are talking about how to make sure that structure is flexible so you can learn and adapt and grow as you learn new things and turn your plan into action, all making it doable, super doable, super fun, and super supportive so there’s no failure. We are getting completely away from judgment, shame, blame, or failure.

This is how you support yourself to create things. Lunar Expedition is available for $39 a month. I would love to have you join us and what you get when you join us is a guided meditation for every New Moon and every Full Moon, if you choose to listen to those.

Some people really love them and find them wonderful to use all the time. Other people don’t have time for the meditations and that’s totally fine too because as long as you are setting your intentions you’re still working with the Moon cycle. And you have that meditation there, so if you have a particular month where you feel lost or need some extra support you always have that meditation there.

It’s like having your own personal energy healing session. You just listen to this 30 minute guided meditation that I’ve been recording over the years, and it supports you to connect to your higher wisdom. It supports you to open your mind and your heart to possibilities you have considered before. It reaffirms all the positive qualities that you already have and reminds you of what your own strengths are.

Those guided meditations really powerful and they go in very deep at a vibrational level where they are super supportive and positive. That’s what we like, healing and positivity.

So we’ve got guided meditations for each New and Full Moon in the group. I also create a weekly video forecast for members that they get access to every week. It is usually about 20 or 30 minutes and that forecast gives them a heads up for what energies are this week—what might happen, how to work with it, and also this year we’re going to be doing more focus on our theme for each month.

The theme for this month, again, is Capricorn and foundations and getting organized. That’s going to be our theme as we talk about different ways to get organized and work with, how to create your intentions, and how as we go through, you know, the Moon is changing signs every couple of days.

So, how does that relate to your intentions, how does that support you, and how can you use the information of your own Lunar Nodes to support you in continuing to learn and grow and move forward on this path of manifestation.

You get the weekly forecast. You get the guided meditations. You get a monthly overview that tells you the bigger picture energies of what’s happening this month. What does it look like, and what should you expect.

Also each month with that overview comes a personal healing exercise, which is a little suggestion… some journal prompts or an exercise that helps you work with the energies this month. Every month is different and every month I come up with a new exercise that helps you align with the energies of change and healing and evolution that are present.

This month… this year’s energies are different than last year’s which are different than 2020. So each year and each month we bring in the qualities of what’s coming up at that particular time and how to align yourself with what the universe… how the universe is evolving and inviting you to grow and change, so that you can also be growing and changing and creating a better planet and a better future for all beings.

That’s really the goal. That’s what we’re doing. Through you doing your own healing work you are supporting the planet to become a better place for all human beings. The planet needs us to do this work. We are being called and how we respond matters.

So I hope you will consider joining Lunar Expedition. Again, it is $39 month. That’s a special offer available right now just by going to manifestingwithmooncycles.com/2022-special. I’ll be sure and put that link in the comments as well.

What else? Lunar Expedition also includes an online forum where you get regular reminders of what the Moon sign is in. When I talk about the Moon sign… We have the Moon, the sign that the New Moon is in each month, right?

So the New Moon is in a sign and in the next month there’s another New Moon and that’s in a different sign and there’s a progression of the New Moons through the signs that also mirrors our own process as we work through the different themes that I mentioned each month.

This month is foundations and organizing, next month will be vision and inspiration. So each month is different as we go through the different signs, but also the Moon changes signs just like the Sun does.

The Moon moves more quickly so it changes signs every 2 to 2 and half days. By the way, you were born with a particular Moon sign, and if you don’t know it that would be interesting to find out some time.

So the sign that the Moon is in at any given time tells us the mood of the day. I’ve got Moon planning calendar that you can refer to, and in the group Lunar Expedition you get a little post every time the Moon moves into a new sign. I just let you know, “The Moon went into Leo today. Or Virgo today. Here’s what that means. Here’s how to align with the positive qualities that brings us.”

This gives you a chance to align proactively with the positive qualities. It means that you don’t have to get taken down by the negative ones, so it’s super supportive and helps you to support the world being a better place, which is what it’s all about.

So there are the Moon sign reminders members get. And you can even put your own personal intentions and submit them on a private, confidential form so that when you get your email from me, it reminds you of your intentions, and it is confidential and only goes to you.

It reminds you, “here are the intentions that you said, just a reminder that this is what you’re currently working on whether you are thinking about it right now or not.” So it’s there and it’s happening and you put this intention in motion and here is a reminder of that.

Lunar Expedition is at manifestingwithmooncycles.com/2022-special.

I hope to see you there. And you know the other thing that you get when you become a Lunar Expedition member is a discounted rate, a special member rate on my private sessions. So if that is something that you want to do is work with me working on your own individual chart you get some special member pricing for those one-on-one sessions. That’s another member benefit.

There’s just tons of, you know, just immeasurable wonderful things that you get so I would encourage you to check it out. You can join now, and you can cancel if it any time it doesn’t feel right for you. Just try it for a month and you don’t have to keep goin if it’s not right for you, but I hope you will check it out.

I hope you will join me and I hope you will come use this support for keeping you on track with your intentions, and for aligning with the positive qualities that are always available to us that we can interpret through the astrological cycles and energies that are happening around us all.

All right, thank you so much for joining me for this video series it’s been super fun and I’m sorry it has to come to a close, but hopefully we will get to continue working together through Lunar Expedition, and by once again that is manifestingwithmooncycles.com/2022-special. Check it out.