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Happy New Year! Here’s how to embrace 2022 to create what you want to see, for your life and the world.

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Transcript of Video 5 Your Evolutionary Medicine

Hello, greetings everyone, and happy new year!

I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com. This is Video Five in our series Countdown to 2022.

Welcome to 2022! Here we are, so I’m celebrating the new year, we’re all celebrating the new year, and, as I’ve promised, today I wanted to share with you some information about the Lunar Nodes and how this part of your chart can actually help you see how to make the shifts, healing, and transformation in your life that will help you step in your highest potential.

This information can help you be all that you’re capable of. It can help you in whatever endeavors or ambitions or goals you have because it’s going to support you in being more fully yourself.

I’m going to be sharing today some tidbits about how to find your own Lunar Nodes based on your birthdate. And I have a handout for you that’s going to give you the overview of what that means for you and your evolutionary path.

Then I’m going to talk a little bit about what I’ve got coming up for the coming year that you may want to check out, and possibly consider joining me, and then at the end of the video today we will have a guided meditation to set our intentions together for the for the coming year, to align with the highest possibilities for 2022. We’ll share our gratitude for what has gone past already and open ourselves to the highest possibilities for the future.

You’ll definitely want to do that with me at the end, but let’s get started with the Lunar Nodes, your own Lunar Nodes.

Some of you have heard about these with me before and as you know I love the Lunar Nodes. They are a really powerful part of your chart. I home right in on them every time I do a reading for someone because it’s the information that reveals what is going to be your most effective way forward.

They show you how to understand yourself: what holds you back and what you need that’s going to help you step into all that you’re capable of.

The Lunar Nodes in astrology have to do with where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth lines up, or crosses paths with, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

If you can remember back to basic astronomy, you have the Earth orbiting around the Sun and Moon orbiting around the Earth and they’re not in the same plane. The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is tilted… it’s in a plane that is tilted to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

That creates these two points where the Moon is crossing the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

Those points are called the Lunar Nodes, so, you’re not talking about planets. Most of the time in astrology we talk about planets and what they mean and how they relate to one another.

I love to look at cycles and how the cycles can inform us as we go along our evolutionary journey, but the Lunar Nodes gives us again this information about our karmic past. They tell us what it is that we do by default because we are in survival mode versus how we can step into more of a creative and thriving way of being.

We have the South Node and the North Node. The South Node relates to the past. It describes where we come from, and what we’ve had to do to survive. It is sort of our karmic or past life story, the story of who we’ve been and what we’ve been dealing with and how we are wired internally to react to try to keep ourselves safe.

Then you have your North Node, which is always exactly opposite South Node and the North Node is your evolutionary medicine. So the North Node shows what is going to support you, what kind of energies you can step into what you can be more of that doesn’t feel necessarily comfortable or familiar.

It’s not automatic. It’s not your default. It’s something you have to be aware of. You have to choose consciously and you have to work on some rewiring internally to get yourself to change some old patterns and step into new possibilities.

That is what I do when I work with people one on one. We really drill down into what is the South Node, what is your South Node asking of you and how does that translate into your daily life.

How does it show up, what does it look like in terms of thoughts you might have, or emotional patterns or reactive patterns that you have and different ways you can identify and become aware of those and bring about shifts in them.

Okay, so, I’m going to do this… if this will work for me… I am going to share this handout on my screen [shares handout on screen in video]. Okay, so this is a handout and you’ll get a link to this in on our event page.

This handout has general information about the Lunar Nodes [click here to view handout]. It goes into a description of each one.

What I want to bring your attention to is here on page five we start with finding your date of birth, and this goes back to 1919. Hopefully that covers most of you (ha ha)… but you’re going to find your birthday in between these days.

Just a little disclaimer here. If your birthday happens to be on the day, or within a day or two of when it changes on this chart… This chart is approximate because it’s going to depend on where and what time of day you were born. If your birthday is within a day or two of when it changes you want to confirm with an astrologer what your actual Lunar Nodes are, just to be sure.

But this will tell you where your South Node is, and this information is going to help you. This awareness is going to help you make the shift.

Example: So, for instance, right here we are looking at an Aquarius South Node. If your South Node is in Aquarius, in past lives you were a rebel or revolutionary, possibly an inventor or forward thinker… somebody who based their life around ideas and ideals, or a vision for the future.

Often they are ahead of their time, so this would have been your identity in a past life and it is your orientation in this life. It’s how you’re going to… The default response for somebody with in Aquarius South Node is to feel detached or to assume that your ideas are going to be rejected.

You may feel like an outcast, alienated or isolated. You have this sense that you know that you are right, but you don’t expect that anyone is going to understand or believe you and you have that expectation of rejection.

There’s a lot more to it but this gives you a nutshell summary of some of the ways that this will show up.

And similarly, when you have in Aquarius South Node, your North Node is in Leo meaning that your evolutionary medicine is to be more connected, more coming from your heart, more in your vulnerability.

What is important for a Leo North Node is your expression of your truth, including some of the emotional qualities of why you believe in the things you do. You need to be talking about how that shows up for you, emotionally, and why you want to share that, why it impacts you… bringing it into more of that connected space, where you are able to do that by sharing your heart.

So again, remember that’s going to feel uncomfortable because there’s that expectation of being rejected with for someone with this lunar node pair but the more this type of person can make a connection to share, to express, to be authentic, to be truthful and to do that in a way that is connected… often heart to heart, one-on-one connections or somewhere where people are listening to you are good choices. Places where others can experience why this is so important to you.

That medicine is something that a person with a Leo North Node needs to work on. They need to build it. They need to develop it in baby steps, like you’re rewiring yourself or retraining yourself to be more of this, in this vulnerable and expressive space. And as you do that you’re going to find that things work out better. All the things you want become more easy to manifest.

So this is so powerful you can see how this is so powerful. And only going into… you know, I don’t have time to go into each one. But you can see that they are all here on this list in this handout.

You can find yours and see if it resonates for you and how that might show up in the specifics of your life… because, again, this is a like a template for how the energy is experienced and that can show up in different ways for different people.

So there is the handout and that’s how to find your own Lunar Nodes and get this insight into who you are. I hope that that is helpful for you. I know it has been being incredibly helpful for me and this is what I do with all my clients and people just find that it is so helpful to them.

Awesome. So that’s the Lunar Nodes and what we do with the Lunar Nodes and I do want to let you know about how I work with people.

Obviously, I do in-person consultations. These are one-on-one private sessions with people where we can look at your chart. We can go in depth into how the themes and energies that appear in your chart… how they show up in your life, what it looks like, how to work with it, how to shift things that are challenging or things like roadblocks in your life… how to work with that.

I also have a group called Lunar Expedition and we are working together to do this practice of setting intentions throughout the year using the cycles of the Moon. And so, you can do this on your own. But of course it’s so nice to have this container of support, this community, this regular experience of in-depth content that I provide you to help you understand what’s going on with the planets.

You get regular updates about what it means, how to work with it, how it is supporting you, how to align with the energies that are here to make the most out of them. Because I can tell you that the astrological cycles… the astrological energies are continually evolving and they are always helping you in some way.

So whether that is saying, “right now, it’s time to work on relationships” or “right now, it’s time to take care of yourself or work on some inner work.” Knowing what those things are from the astrological energies can be so helpful.

It just gives you that anchor, that guidepost, as you go through the year and work toward the things that are important to you… the intentions that you have for your life and the world

So I have this group called Lunar Expedition, and people who join this group get regular guided meditations for each New and Full Moon, because we set intentions on the New Moon and we see what unfolds throughout the month and we work with our intentions through the Moon cycle.

The power of setting intentions, of working with intentions, is just magnitudes greater than, say, like, the power of making a New Year’s resolution.

If you think about when you make a New Year’s resolution you are kind of setting yourself up for failure. It’s like,”I’m going to promise to myself that I’m going to do this thing that feels really daunting and as long as I say, right now, I’m going to do it, it seems easy.

But of course you go into your day-to-day life and you try to do it and it’s harder than you thought it would be. That’s how intentions can really support us. When we… especially when we work with the Moon cycle and we set our intentions on every New Moon then we can return to say, you know, “how did that go last month?”

When the next New Moon comes around you can review. You can ask yourself, “how did last month’s intentions go? What did I learn? Where did I drop off? Why did I drop off? How can I support myself better? What’s maybe a different approach that would work better for me?”

You can do that by setting your intentions on each New Moon and in the middle of the month, or cycle, we have this beautiful Full Moon and the Full Moon reveals. It reveals something to us about our intentions. Ideally, right?

If you are setting conscious intentions then the Full Moon is a reflection back to you that says, “here’s what you have to learn around that” or “here’s some insight or something that’s going to help you along the path of manifesting your intentions.”

And the the Full Moon illuminates. It shines a light on something you need to see, then you return back to the next New Moon and that is another opportunity to reground, restate your intentions, maybe change your intentions a little bit and continue this work on this journey of learning and adding and updating and growing and discovering new things, which is the way it really works, right?

This is what we really want—to move along our path toward what it is we’re learning, our soul lessons, the things that we’re learning, the ways were growing, and the ways we are stepping into all we are capable of… to be creative, to have a life that is filled with joy, to understand our bigger purpose, and to see what steps are going to support us in living a higher purpose.

In this group members get a guided meditation for each New Moon and Full Moon that supports you with the particular energies of that Full Moon or that New Moon because they’re not all the same.

Each one is in a different astrological sign. And each brings specific qualities, so some Moon cycles we’re working on, like I mentioned relationship. I mentioned self-care. Those are two of what the Moon cycles look like. Every sign of the zodiac brings specific qualities.

With Capricorn we’re working on foundations and we’re laying the groundwork and planning for what it is we want, building structures. When the Moon is in oh, say, Leo, it is about expression and putting yourself out there and being heard and putting things on paper and putting things into colors and that self-expression. And with Leo there is that playfulness, that joy, that shining of heart energy.

Each Moon cycle brings a specific theme and the way we can support ourselves in working with our intentions. That’s what we do in Lunar Expedition. There’s also the guided meditations that support you in working with the New Moon and the Full Moon.

I provide weekly in-depth analysis for what’s coming up this week to my members and what that looks like: what are the energies this week, how to work with it… and the people will tell you that I always almost always go on some sort of you know of a side theme of what’s happening, how you can work with that, how it may be showing up in my life or for other people and seeing what that’s looking like. I always talk about what it means and how to work with it.

For example, Do we need to do some inner work to make our relationships better this week, or is this a New Moon that is a good time for getting in touch with ourselves and going deep. Each week brings its own specific qualities, so you get all the insights and translations into what that means.

And my members have an online forum where people can post and share their insights are build community and people post some amazing discoveries. It is so inspirational, so positive. It’s so supportive and we so need that in our lives.

And of course members also get special pricing on private sessions so that’s another benefit you get. When you sign up you get access to a member portal with access to content… it includes these weekly forecasts, the meditations also worksheets to use if you like that sort of thing to help you work with the New Moon and the Full Moon.

It gives you all the support that you need to set your intentions each month, to stay on track with what you’re working towards, what you’re working on, and what’s important to you… to keep to keep you going toward that.

If you’re interested in that it’s manifestingwithmooncycles.com/2022-special. Check that out.

We’re going to start now a guided meditation which is just such, this is like a little example for you of the kind of thing that I do with my members and it’s so important to regularly anchor in and connect with your own higher wisdom.

For some of us you might think of that as guidance. You might think of that is just taking time to feel quiet and peaceful. It’s a way of opening you to being able to listen at deeper levels and anchor the positive qualities, to give energy to those positive qualities that we want.

We give plenty of energy to the negative ones. I can guarantee they’re getting enough of your energy and attention, so let’s give the energy and attention to the positive ones and affirm what it is were choosing for the future because it energizes us. It. It gives us confidence. It develops self-trust so that were building and working toward that future that we want.

And of course enjoying and appreciating the present. That’s a big important part of it as well and I feel like I should mention too that we’re not always focused on the positive. We also focus on the dark side and what it is that we need to move through sometimes. Sometimes there are emotions we need to process. Sometimes there are things that we need to confront inside of ourselves and that is part of the process of building this higher possibility.

We don’t ignore those things. I don’t have any sort of fake positivity or artificial positivity. Things are real in my group. We talk about real things. We talk about how to really get there and what this real healing work really looks like.

I’ve been doing it myself since the early 90s and with thousands of clients watching them go through this transformative process. So, really, really amazing stuff.

Let’s shift into our guided meditation for setting intentions for 2022. I invite you, if you are in a place where you can be quiet and close your eyes and just settle in. Obviously don’t do this if you’re driving or doing, I don’t know, operating machinery or anything that requires your focused attention you can just listen with one ear.

You can always come back and do the listen to the recording later and do it at that time too, so be safe.

If it feels right, I invite you to go ahead and close your eyes, take a nice deep breath, bring your attention to your heart.

Notice what’s going on. What is going on in your heart right now?

Feeling expanded, open, curious.

If you find any fear or worry, just get curious about that. What’s going on there? Why are you feeling that?

With no judgment. No conclusions. Just noticing as you breathe in this peaceful feeling that is coming in through your breath.

If it feels right, bring in this feeling of peace through your breath and let it spread. Let it fill your heart… and let it expand your heart… and let it spill over and spread throughout your entire body…

reaching down into your into your belly, and down into your legs, all the way down to your feet and toes, flowing through your arms to your fingertips, and flowing through your back, your neck, your head… just filling your body with this peaceful feeling.

Feeling the ground beneath you, feeling the way that the ground holds you, the Earth holds you.

The Earth holds you in this process of life. Each day brings a new present moment, new possibilities… and remembering this ground beneath you can bring you back to your center where you can make choices that are good for you.

Now that you’re feeling that peace, bring in the qualities that you want for 2022. Bring them in through your breath, bring them into your heart.

You may want to name those qualities, or you may simply feel them.

If you’re not sure, I invite you to invite in the spirit of openness, of willingness to discover what might serve you… what might be the greatest good.

Bringing those qualities into your heart… I’ll just name a few here, but feel free to bring in your own…









Bring in these qualities, and/or any that feel right to you.

Bring in any feeling, any colors or textures that go with these qualities.

Sit with them in your heart, filling your heart with gratitude, so much gratitude that these qualities exist in the world.

They are always available, bringing the possibility that you might tap into them.

Just knowing they are there… you bring in openness in 2022 to expand and experience these qualities in whatever ways speak to you.

Bring in any intentions that you have for the year.

Imagine yourself at the end of 2022 celebrating this intention.

Imagine how good it feels to have them come to pass, celebrating with others, sharing this feeling of accomplishment, achievement, joy, gratitude, wonder… all at what is possible that you never thought in a million years you would see come to pass…

Imagine that coming to pass.

Let your body fill with the feeling of all that has come to pass, and breathe in as you anchor this feeling… connected and held by the ground beneath you.

Allow any parts of you that feel willing to have this become real, allow those parts to be honored and recognized… as you thank yourself are doing this visioning…

For imagining, for this intention-setting. Thanking yourself. Bringing in gratitude for yourself and higher possibilities, for the bigger picture.

And take a nice deep breath, feeling your body.

Stretching a little bit, moving, opening.

That intention is now anchored. It is now set, and the wheels are in motion for the evolution to align with these possibilities… for your evolution to align with these possibilities…

And the evolution of the planet and all beings to go with you, to be with you, and to support you in the manifestation of these intentions.

And so it is.

Opening your eyes when you’re ready.

Thank you so much for joining me for this entire video series for Video Five today, for my recent interview/conversation with Sheri Horn Hasan. If you missed that, you will definitely want to go check that out for insights into 2022 and the US politics and election with an eclipse on the day of the election, so just powerful stuff.

Be sure to come back for our final video coming up this Thursday, January 6. I will talk to you more about working with Moon cycles, what that looks like, how to do it and what we’re doing in my group.

I really hope to see you there. Thank you so much for watching. Check out my work at astrologyheals.com and again that special for my Lunar Expedition group is manifestingwithmooncycles.com/2022-special.

All right, thanks for joining me. I’ll see you next time and happy 2022. Bye for now.