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Let go of 2021 with a New Year New Moon – New Moon in Capricorn January 2, 2022

We are living in times that sometimes carry serious, heavy energies. But they also come with an invitation. They invite us to discover our inner authority, and to find the confidence to step into our authentic truth. 

When children grow up, they learn to take on adult roles and responsibilities, which is the realm of Saturn and Saturn cycles in astrology. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and with Saturn now in the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius, it is a good time to think about what it means to step into what you are here to do.

Some of you have been doing this work with me for years, and even if you are new to my work, what you think of as your authentic truth may be changing.

That’s because in recent years we’ve been shedding old forms, and old definitions of ourselves.

This New Moon is the perfect time to lay the groundwork, set intentions, and do some planning for the coming year, based on current thinking or new awareness about what is important to you.

It’s a good time to:

  • Take some quiet time to reflect on what matters most in your life
  • Ask yourself whether there is anything about your life or lifestyle that is no longer in alignment with your truth, that you would like to change
  • Journal, make art, or do some planning around what would make you feel most joyful in the coming year

Change is afoot, and with Jupiter now in Pisces, it’s important to ask what your heart wants in 2022. It’s time to step into the belief that it is possible to have it.