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How to imagine the future we want, without losing ourselves in the process.

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Transcript of Video 4 Creating a Compassionate Future

Hello! Welcome to Video Four in our Countdown to 2022 series.

I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com. I’ve been doing astrology since the early 90s and I’ve been consistently putting it together with a healing process—a transformational process—to see how the cycles of astrology unfold over time and support us in whatever ways we are changing. So you can understand where the planets are in their cycles and how you are being invited to transform at that particular time.

You can know what those energies look like, how they show up, and we are talking about in this series. The collective… we’re talking about the collective transits that we are going through together—all human beings, all beings and creatures on the planet as we head into 2022.

This is our fourth video in the series. We’ve talked already quite a bit about where we’re at in terms of the cycles, and with Pluto in Capricorn. We talked about the triple conjunction in 2020, where that leaves us now. And how a square between Saturn and Uranus is pushing us and keeping us out of our comfort zone to help us transform and what that could look like and how we can shape and create a new future.

If you missed any of that be sure to check out my previous videos one through three.

Today we’re going to be talking about Neptune and Jupiter. Jupiter will be transiting across Neptune, forming a conjunction with Neptune in 2022. This is one of the more significant outer planet aspects in 2022, so what does that mean for where we’re at, and where we’re heading.

We talked last time about what it means to have this impulse to evolve, this pressure for evolutionary change and how we can’t sit on our butts anymore and just be complacent and hope things get better.

We actually have to get up and take action and do our own personal healing work. We need to be in our power, to be our best selves so that we can support the changes that we want to see in the world.

The world is naturally evolving to a place that has more to do with equality, sustainability, and problem-solving that goes beyond where we’ve been. That really comes from the future and goes beyond what we have now and how we have structured things in the past.

We are heading into a future that is more equal, fair, just, and sound in terms of the systems and structures that we have in place to support the actual human process of stepping into all we’re capable of.

So what would it be like to have a an educational system, a political system, the financial system, a correctional system… that had to do with supporting us to be our best selves rather than trying to suppress or squash down our natural human impulses to be ourselves.

That’s the journey we’re on. We are, of course, confronting resistance to this evolutionary change, and that’s what I talked about last time. I talked about what that resistance can look like. It can show up as digging in your heels, with, you know, not wanting to change. And with some emboldening of old systems that no longer work, that are that are not part of this future direction where were headed, like white supremacy and political systems that just don’t work anymore.

We are really invited to think creatively, and to now is the time to take action and to move forward on our own ability to contribute to things being the way we actually want them to be, as opposed to, you know, like, just how can we survive until next month.

So let’s continue this work. As we look at Neptune… Neptune is the planet of transcendence. It is the planet of connection with a bigger picture that is unlimited. It is about a bigger picture of unconditional love, a bigger picture of the divine, a bigger picture of what is important and how we connect with the universe.

So this energy of Neptune is about transcending our human egos, transcending the everyday, and transcending our limitations that we have here in the physical realm.

Neptune is in the sign of Pisces and has been since 2011 and early 2012. These outer planets stay in a sign for a very long time, and Neptune, as it’s gone through Pisces, brings this potential for bigger connection to some of these bigger principles of compassion and caring for one another and feeling our interconnectedness.

At the same time Neptune is in Pisces, which… Pisces is the sign ruled by Neptune. The modern ruler of Pisces is Neptune, so we’ve got Neptune, the planet of transcendence, in the sign of the great ocean of being.

Pisces is about that flow of interconnectedness and picking up on energy and having psychic sensitivity, intuition, and that ability to pick up on the feelings and experiences of others and feel them as though they are your own because there are no boundaries.

Pisces is the dissolving of boundaries, so, with Neptune in Pisces, we have this extra energy of this infusion of these bigger picture qualities coming along with this potential for dissolving boundaries. On the lower end of the spectrum, this can mean losing touch with what grounds us. It can mean losing a sense of, “where are the signposts? Where are the guardrails? How do we know where one thing ends or where another thing begins? How do we know what truly is reality?”

We have been going through this process of Neptune going through Pisces, where we’ve seen in the collective this potential for delusion, confusion, reality confusion, conspiracy theories, alternate realities, and alternate facts. We’re in this new era of, you know, “that’s true, because I say it’s true. It’s true because I want it to be true or I feel like it’s true.”

I’ve been saying in my blog and other places, one of the things I’ve been talking about is how is how we actually can take advantage of this quality of the Neptune in Pisces energy rather than saying, “oh, you know, I’m going to get lost in a fantasy,” which is that sense of losing touch with reality, but to actually consciously use that quality of the reality dissolving and actually to choose to align ourselves with that bigger picture of the reality that is possible. What we do want.

I’m trying to find the right words to say this, but it’s like the same quality that the environment in which we have the soup in which we have conspiracy theories, delusions, and flat out lies being peddled as reality… We have the phenomenon of the big lie permeating our lives right now…

That quality, that same quality that can be used to resist evolution, to resist healing, and change and growth to say, “let’s not change. Let’s keep things as though it always has been. Let’s grasp on to the way we want things to stay so that we don’t have to evolve into that process of healing that involves confronting ourselves stepping into our truths…”

Being vulnerable is required for a bigger healing process. We are seeing conspiracy theories, lies, delusions, and alternate realities as a way of avoiding change, avoiding personal responsibility, avoiding us having to do our own healing work.

And what I’m trying to say is kind of an advanced concept, but what we can do is we can actually take that model and say I actually want to use this energy, this quality of Neptune in Pisces to align with what I’m becoming. We can use our imaginations to imagine a different future and then to use that quality of magic and creativity and energizing and focus to help us actually choose the reality we want.

We can work with that energy on purpose to support us in evolution, to support us in stepping into and creating that future we want, rather than allowing it to be used against us to give us an alternate reality that allows us to not change, to not confront ourselves, to stay stuck in old systems of racism, misogyny, political hierarchy, and power based on what you own.

So much power and healing is emerging through art through art, especially artists of color, and artists of backgrounds that have historically been prejudiced against. And that’s part of this collective experience of us stepping into our truth through discovering who we are and finding that power from within to do the transformational work on ourselves, so we can show up in the world and say, “I’m here to imagine a better future.”

I hope that made sense with some of the advanced concepts I’m trying to communicate, but what’s going to happen is as we go through 2022 were going to have Jupiter making that conjunction with Neptune.

Jupiter is the planet of beliefs of belief systems, of faith and optimism, and the way that we decide what is what is true, what were going to hitch our wagon to. And this planet that traditionally has to do with beliefs and belief systems is going to go through this, and has already been in, the sign of Pisces. It went retrograde grade back into Aquarius, and now is going to go back into Pisces.

As Jupiter goes through Pisces in 2022, it is going to pass by Neptune. Jupiter in Pisces is going to bring this further experience of dissolving…. of dissolving our old stories, of losing touch with a narrative that used to work, but no longer does.

That guidepost of what used to be our framework for how we understand things is going to further dissolve, and we can further open to this higher potential, this higher potential of connection, the bigger picture of unconditional love, caring, and compassion for one another. And how we can really work together because we truly are all in this together.

The pandemic is such a great way of pointing that out to us, because is not just about you. It is really about your fellow human beings. It is about this collective experience that we have together as we go through this journey of life. We are all experiencing the same vulnerabilities and challenges and it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, you can still get sick, and we all die because it is the reality of life.

So what does that look like, and how do we want to take care of each other so we can have this opportunity as Neptune goes through Pisces and Jupiter goes through Pisces to further develop this Neptune in Pisces quality.

How can we connect with a bigger picture of more divine kinds of energies, of connecting with nature and the bigger picture of spirit and what that means to each of us?

Again, there’s going to be this further potential for alternate narratives, for confusion about reality, for what that can look like. We need to consciously ground ourselves, consciously find those anchors, those places of grounding. If the guardrails around you are dissolving, if you are getting lost in the fog, how do you find that place of centeredness? You need to find that from your own wisdom, your own sense of what is true and right and what feels like your own wisdom.

The potential here is to connect with your guidance and your wisdom and your sense of what is right. That is what is going to carry you through. It’s also that capacity to imagine, as I talked in Video One about how we had so many people sharing in previous years about the vision they wanted to imagine for the future.

People shared visions that have to do with caring for everyone on the planet, with all lives being honored and respected, and with all people truly having this ideal that is, you know, the founding wisdom of the United States. That is that all men—which, you know, we should change to all people—are created equal and have the inherent right to pursue a life of happiness,  and of life and liberty. So these are the kinds of ideals that we are being pressured to figure out how to make happen.

How are you going to create that? How, what are you going to do that? How are you going to contribute to that?

So in 2022, there’s going to be this seed planted with the conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune which will happen on—the exact date is April 12, 2022—but Jupiter’s going to be moving through Pisces for much of the year.

So we’ve got this seed-planting of this quality of a bigger picture, of creating a bigger picture of compassion and choosing the reality we want, rather than having it thrust upon us by, oh, say, authority figures in the world and the people that we…

You know, it’s about asking yourself, who are you listening to and how is the person you are listening to conducting their life. What kinds of behaviors do they have? Is it something that really builds trust for you? Is it something that really resonates deep in your soul? And to find a place where you are taking care of yourself.

Because when you have your, when you’re doing your best to get your own needs met, or at least to honor that you have needs and you deserve to have them… When you’re doing that, you are supporting yourself. You are supporting your own ability to discern what kinds of voices you want to listen to in the world and what to believe, what are these facts based on and what are those facts based on. Ultimately, is it based on something that really has a groundedness to it.

You can ask, “does it have a place of truth that is grounded in a feeling of trust or does it have a place of truth that’s grounded in fear or desperation?”

We all might find ourselves lost down paths that lead us to realities that don’t really serve us from time to time, so how you discern and how you determine whether you got lost or whether you are really staying on the right track that is leading you to your own highest potential and highest potential for the world…

What determines your ability to discern that is how well you have taken care of yourself, how effectively you are doing your own personal healing work and your own personal growth. It is addressing places where you need to build safety and foundations for yourself. It is when you start with those basic feelings of trust in yourself and your ability to navigate the world, which is a complicated process.

Something that I work on with people is how to build that trust even when you’re dealing with confusing and conflicting input or confusing and conflicting experiences. You know, if you find yourself saying, “what if I’m doing the things I should be doing but I’m still experiencing this challenge in my life or if I am unable to meet my needs in particular ways?”

We can sort that out, and that’s what I do when I work with people, especially one-on-one, since we can go in depth looking at your own chart and getting the clues from that chart to see how to create that foundation of safety for yourself and to support yourself to continue in moving forward.

As we head into 2022, we’ve got this opportunity to connect with that bigger picture, but also this potential to succumb to those who want to try and throw us off track or give us an alternate reality that might be tempting to believe in.

It can be tempting to want the fantasy, so as we learn to take care of ourselves so that we can discern, so that we can create boundaries. It is so important to have boundaries between yourself and someone who is not healthy for you.

Giving yourself that nurturing container that takes care of you, where your energy is not being drained by something or someone outside of you, is going to support you in making the most of this train of evolution.

Remember the train of evolution that I was talking about last time in Video Three? It is moving forward and we want to be on it and we want to be continuing to move forward with our sights on truly that highest possibility, the highest potential for ourselves and for all beings.

Thank you so much for listening today! I’m so excited because next time were going to be talking about the Lunar Nodes and I’m going to show you how to find your own Lunar Nodes. You will learn how that gives you insight into your own evolutionary path.

We’re going to drill down into what it is that is going to be, how it supports you, and how you can align with this bigger picture of possibility and highest potential. You’ll see how you can make choices in your own life, based on this one piece of your chart that I’m going to show you how to find, and then you can make the best choices for yourself that have help you navigate the challenges that are up in the world and make the most of them.

This will help you to turn this this time period that we’re going through from one of challenge, and Pluto the bulldozer, and destruction, falling apart, and breakdown… to one of building a truly new future that is based in highest possibilities, the future, and what we can be.

We know we can do these things. We know we’re capable. Human beings have gone to the Moon. Human beings have created computers the Internet. We created this global neurological network of communication, so human beings are infinitely capable.

So let’s get ourselves aligned, on track with our own highest potential, and then we can be part of that evolutionary change that is so exciting.

I’m to give you some specifics into your own path and how to do that next time, so be sure to be there for that and then that’ll be on December 30. Our topic will be your evolutionary medicine, the Lunar Nodes and how to be an agent of change in a changing world. Then on January 6 will be our final video and I’ll talk about where to go from here. Awesome.

Thank you so much for joining me. You can learn more about me or schedule a private session at astrologyheals.com. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.