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Learn about the current evolutionary process we are in, and what we are invited to become.

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Transcript of Video 3 Shaping the future through authentic action

Hey there, I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and today I’m so excited because this is the third video in our countdown to 2022 series.

I’ve already released two videos on some awesome topics so be sure and check those out. Today we’re going to be talking about the Saturn-Uranus square and the theme is Shaping the future through authentic action.

In this series we are addressing the situation and the challenges that we are experiencing in the world. Of course, the pressures that are there in the collective are also affecting all of us individually in our own lives. The ways that we take care of ourselves and respond to these challenges are going to be so important as we go forward.

We are here to get an understanding of this bigger picture of the astrological energies, why things are happening the way they are, and what we can expect as we head into 2022. We’re talking about what that will look like and what we can do to stay safe and sane as we continue to move forward.

Our theme today is shaping the future through authentic action and Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline, effort, hard work, and limitation, also mortality, has gone into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is more about freedom, rebellion, and seeking our own path, marching to our own drummer.

Aquarius is also about change. It is about the future, about the ways we want to shape and see change in the world around us and in our lives. So Saturn is forming a square to the planet Uranus, and squares in astrology are evolutionary pressure.

In astrology, we have of the cycles that happen… I wrote a whole book about it that is called Cycles of Healing. Check it out. It is available at astrologyheals.com and on Amazon.

In this book, I talk about how the cycles of astrology support us in our own healing and growth, and in our evolutionary process. When we can understand the energies and the cycles and what is happening in the cycles at different times, it helps us to work with that energy consciously.

When we know, for example, that there’s a New Moon, we can set our intentions because it’s the beginning of the cycle. It is the time to plant the seed for what we want to see unfold as the cycle progresses.

When we get to the square, which is the first time the two planets are 90° apart… which just means, all 90° means is that when one planet is setting the other planet is directly over your head.

Think about the circle going around the sky you see half of it above the horizon and half of that circle would be the below the horizon and the path of that circle is where you see the Sun set, where it rises and sets, and the same with the Moon. The Moon rises and sets along the same path, which is what we see. The time between when a planet rises and sets is half of the circle.

When you take that circle and you have one planet in a position where it’s setting at the same time as another planet is directly above, same thing if a planet is rising and another planet is directly above, that’s 90° of separation within a 360° circle.

90° of separation means a square and a square is part of the cycle of the planets, because they go from together to 90° apart to opposite to 90° apart again to coming together again. Just the same way that the hands on the clock go from where the hour hand is at the 12 and the minute hand is going around while the hour hand is slowly making its way to the one. That’s very similar to the way that the planets move around the circle.

When two planets reach that point where they are 90° apart, they are creating a pressure on us to change, to evolve, to steer the ship, to shift our consciousness, and to elevate how we are approaching a problem.

When you think about that quote that’s been attributed to Einstein… I don’t know if he said it or somebody else did, but that you cannot solve the problem from the consciousness within which it was created.

You need a higher consciousness to be able to see the solution to a problem that is stuck. So we get these squares in the movement of the planets, and with the inner planets and the Moon, they happen all the time.

With the outer planets, when they form squares with each other… They tend to be a long time in between aspects and then when we have an aspect it tends to last a long time.

So, what’s happened since the beginning of 2021 is that we’ve had the square beginning to form between Saturn and Uranus, which are both outer planets. The square stayed in place more or less all year, and was exact three times throughout the year.

It’s actually not had its third exact square yet, which is… that square will happen on December 23 or 24th, depending on your time zone. It will be December 23rd in the Pacific time zone.

That will be the third time that square, which is 90° of separation between those two planets, is exact. And that square, even though it’s not going to be exact in 2022, it moves apart and then the planets go retrograde so it comes back very close to an exact square.

It comes back to within a degree of being exact again in 2022. So what does this mean for us?

First of all, following the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn during 2020, which I talked about in my first two videos, that Capricorn energy has brought us the beginning of a cycle that is about creating structures and foundations.

With Pluto moving through Capricorn, as I mentioned in depth in our last video, Pluto is coming through and energetically our systems, structures, institutions, governments, you know where we see authority… Those things are really up for us to look at and say, “Is this the way you want to keep doing this? Do you want to do it differently? This is your chance to lay a new foundation.”

And what happens is that we have this… we had the planet Saturn, which rules Capricorn. The planet Saturn went into Aquarius on the Winter Solstice at the end of 2020 when it formed its conjunction with Jupiter and very early Aquarius.

Saturn was moving into Aquarius. We had the shift into themes that have to do with freedom, rebellion, authenticity, and how we do things in a way that brings greater equality—greater things like social justice which you can see that in our society we’ve been really, well, with this shift of Saturn into Aquarius we’ve really begun to take more seriously.

Our patterns of racism are the history that our country is founded on: institutions of racism that shapes who we are, and our needs for social justice in many different ways, such as the way that women have been treated and the need for movements involving women’s rights, indigenous rights, and all kinds of ways that we can look at equality, which is the theme that Aquarius brings.

It really asks us to look at equalizing everyone and it is asking us to say, “Hey, you know, you’re not looking anymore to an authority figure to solve your problems. You need to be looking within and you need to be asking yourself, how are you responding to the situation? What would you do? How do you want to address the need for change and stand up in terms of finding your own backbone, your own style of rebellion, and being authentic in your own ways of challenging authority?”

We have that energy of Saturn going into Aquarius now when it forms the square with Uranus—again, a square is pressure, it is the pressure to shift to a higher consciousness… It is the pressure to evolve, and when we say pressure, astrologically, what that means and how that shows up in the world is, things get really uncomfortable.

Things start to not work, or fall apart in ways that are actually asking us to get it together, to stand in our truth, to find our authentic path, and to find ways to bring about the changes that help bring more equality, social justice, climate justice, responsibility for the world, and responsibility for our part in leaving the world… well, even in existence, let alone a better place, right?

When this pressure is there, things that we used to count on start to break down and we can’t count on them. So what that pressure is doing is asking us to look within and to ask ourselves, “How can I make a difference? What can I contribute?”

I want to say to that this pressure brings an interesting shift in our culture, our society, and the collective. What it does is it is pushing us to evolve.

Many people are saying, “Wow, you know, racism is really a problem and I want to understand better how I contribute to that, and what I can do to make—to right some of those wrongs.”

There’s a lot of that happening. A lot of people are really wanting to do their part to make the world a better place. A lot of people are stepping up to become either activists or just finding their way, their path, of making a difference and making the world a better place.

And, with this pressure to evolve, we also get the backlash.

We get the shifts and the opportunities for growth that show up within ourselves, but we also see the energy of resistance to change that shows up in the collective in different ways.

So it can go both ways, right? It is not is not a strictly like, liberals are this way and conservatives are this way. It is sometimes… You see the liberals behaving in the… more like, actually I don’t want things to change. I kind of like the way it is, you know? Or I want my health care system, and science, and I want my vaccine.

Then maybe more of the conservatives are starting to say, “Wait, hold on.” You know? “I want my freedom. I don’t want you to put me in a box. Don’t make me wear a mask.”

Those kinds of things are there, so is not always cut and dry how it shows up. You can see that these energies are there. The energy of change and solutions, and problem-solving…

But also the energy of resistance to change and what that can look like and how we sometimes use the narrative of freedom to avoid change.

If real change is actually, you know, addressing the underlying causes of a pandemic, asking us to come together and have concern for our fellow human beings and not wanting to infect others or put them at risk or put those who are already compromised at greater risk.

There are a lot of complicated ideas here and this is showing up in the dynamic of the square. The planet Saturn, which again is about conservative elements and restriction and contraction, is in this freedom loving sign of Aquarius. The part of us that wants to feel safe is in a sign that wants to rebel, and that is putting pressure on… creating pressure with the square to Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, progressive values, equality, change, future thinking, and thinking outside the box. And we have the planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus, which is about not wanting to budge.

Taurus likes things to be safe and stable and not to be challenged and Taurus likes to be inside the box and Uranus is the planet of thinking outside the box.

So, you put the planet of thinking outside the box into a sign that says, “we like the box just fine, thank you very much” and then you put that in a square, which is creating pressure with the with the planet of hard work, effort, structure, and systems in the sign of change, thinking about the future, and thinking about equality and humanitarian values…

Well, there’s a lot of this complicated pressure to evolve, there’s pressure to evolve and there is pressure to shift our consciousness. There is pressure to grow as human beings and to expand our awareness. I think that as we move along this evolutionary path when we respond to the pressures to evolve what it looks like is it looks like we change.

We as human beings change. We adapt to new ideas. We adapt to new realities. We open our minds. We step into our power in terms of wanting to reclaim freedom and justice and a secure and stable future.

Then we have also this backlash or the resistance energy that is like putting on the brakes. It’s saying, “I don’t want to change. I do not want to evolve.”

When these two elements come together what you see is what’s happening in society and that is that we have this, you know, duality going on of different perspectives that are really on opposite sides of the fence. It’s getting harder and harder for those two perspectives to hear each other and I think that that is coming from the pressure to evolve, which can create this backlash of resistance to evolution.

Even as you have people stepping into an awareness of racism and social justice issues and all the ways that our institutions and systems continue to support this institutionalized racism, for example, and many different issues we can look at, but to look at that one…

And then we see how white supremacy is also taking root and also getting stronger in many ways because that is the energy of resistance: “I don’t want to go into this future,” and it comes from a place of fear, right?

The resistance is from not wanting to evolve. The resistance is not from, you know, it is not about right and wrong. It’s about there is a train going forward into the evolutionary process and you can either get on the train or you can try to stop the train but you’re not… ultimately, evolution is about the train moving forward and ignoring the resistance. Continuing to move forward is what generates change.

Anyway, this is a little bit abstract when we talk about it in terms of society. But when we bring it back to our own personal process… and I invite you to think about what are the challenges personally that have come up for you in the last year two years, or five years.

What have you had to look at and what ways have you made changes in your—not just your life, but in your ways of thinking. What ways have you had to perhaps come to terms with some old patterns, some ingrained ways of being that no longer serve you?

In some ways, those are being invited to change and shift and it’s hard. It pushes us out of our comfort zone… and frankly, who has been in their comfort zone lately?

Very few of us, I think, have actually felt comfortable most of the time. Of course it is entirely possible to feel comfortable some of the time and that’s where the self-care comes in…

But I want you to think about the past year and what you have learned and how you have changed, because those are the ways that you are invited in your life and on your evolutionary journey to align with this bigger collective change.

Notice also the places where you have resistance or where that resistance shows up in your life. Have you had to say no to a job or a relationship or some factor in your life that is not part of your evolutionary journey? Have you had to say, you know, it is time for me to move on?

So you might be being asked to do things like that. You might be being asked to look at your own personal process and thoughts and beliefs and the ways that you hold yourself back. Because ultimately, we all have the autonomy to look at ourselves and ask, “Okay, maybe I can’t change the world around me, but I can change myself. I can change the way I respond.”

We are being asked to shift our response from a place of fear to more of a place of empowerment, of true creative movement—a place where we are standing in our power and coming from our own truth, our own sense of meaning and purpose.

As you align more and more with your own sense of meaning and purpose you are choosing to keep that train of evolution moving forward. It’s really that simple.

It’s really as simple as you doing your part to take care of yourself, to shift your own consciousness and move forward in the ways that your own healing path is inviting you to do. As you do that you’re being part of the solution.

The square between Saturn and Uranus has been happening throughout 2021. It was exact—just looking at my notes here—it was exact in February, June, and again on December 23. So those are the three exact passes, but you can say that throughout this year we’ve had this active square going on pressuring us to evolve.

It’s saying, “Here’s what the future could look like. Do you want to get on board with this? Are you willing to ignore the distractions, the fears that are jumping up and down on the sidelines saying you can’t do this, this is going to be horrible, don’t you know what could happen, don’t trust yourself… Are you going to ignore that and keep going forward anyway?” That’s what the square is inviting us to do.

There are a lot of complicated energies showing up in complicated ways. Then that square is going to fade out after December, but it will form—or re-form, coming very close to exact again in 2022 in October and early November. It’s going to come within a degree again, so the energies and the themes of that pressure are going to show up again next year.

And interestingly enough, that square comes very close to exact again, it’s within a couple of degrees during our 2022 midterm elections in the U.S., so throughout October and then into early November.

Actually, on election day in 2022 there is a Lunar Eclipse, and it activates that square between Saturn and Uranus in Taurus. There are going to be some interesting energies because there is tremendous pressure… and then of course the United States has its own chart and that’s something that we can look at as well, is the is the evolutionary path of the United States of America.

We have of course that evolutionary path and there’s a chart for our country. But there’s also an evolutionary path that we’re all on. We are all under one sky and that sky is continuing to move and its cycles continue like clockwork.

It goes like a very complex clock but is predictable in what energies are going to show up at what times. All of this is inviting us to keep moving forward, to discover more about ourselves, to heal our past and open to our future.

So that’s my summary of how that square is going to look, how it has looked for us, and again it will be interesting heading into the midterm elections. I think unpredictable results could occur. There’s going to be pressure, there are going to be challenges. It’s a T-square… a T-square is like double squares with two planets in square to a third planet, with the two opposing each other.

So this is our choice to shape the future through authentic action and the more, again, the more you can connect with your own truth on your own path of meaning and purpose your authentic contribution…

Some of us have a way of being authentic that’s going to be public, you know, and has to do with public service and running for office and activism and really getting involved in our communities. Others of us have a very private way of authentically making a difference.

Do not underestimate the power of your own presence, even if you’re an introvert, in the ways that you connect with other people. Maybe you’re at the grocery store. Maybe you’re walking your dog. Maybe you’re having a zoom meeting and how you show up and the way that you allow your light to shine, even if it feels small… but through kindness, through genuineness, through sharing your perspective, through being honest, through bringing your perspective, your story, and your needs to the table…

It doesn’t have to be some big public expression of change. Making it can be more personal, more intimate. It can show up in your in your one-on-one relationships that are, you know, that happen behind closed doors and nobody else even knows about it. But when you do that work of showing up more fully as yourself, more in your vulnerability, more in your openness and your willingness to learn and grow…

That is part of the work of this evolutionary change, and it contributes to the healing of the collective more than you know.

So that is the pressure of the Saturn Uranus square. The square again was exact in 2021 and we have one more exact pass. This pressure, again, to be who we are. Then heading into 2022 it will no longer be exact, but it will come very close and will be important during the eclipse in early November.

Thank you so much for listening today. I really encourage you to check out more about what I’m doing at astrologyheals.com. If you are interested in exploring your own chart in looking through a reading, I do readings of charts but they are more based on what from your chart is going to help you get insight into your own challenges and understanding your path and your purpose where you’re coming from. You will get support in making decisions as you go forward and align with your with your own place of meaning and purpose and what that looks like.

Rather than just telling you what your chart says, which, I do do that. But I also do a lot of listening and connecting of what’s going on in your life and how your chart can give you insight into how to move forward through things that are challenging or confusing also, so check me out at astrologyheals.com.

Thank you so much for watching! Upcoming we have next week on December 23 we’re going to be talking about Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces and the energy of this universal, transcendent sign with these two planets that have to do with beliefs and spirituality and what we have faith in, and how we can find optimism.

We’ll look at what that means when they are both in the great ocean of Pisces and forming a conjunction as those two outer planets come together. So we’ll be exploring that next week, and then on December 30 your evolutionary medicine and looking at your own Lunar Nodes and how you can be an agent of change and what your path of making a difference is. Then on January 6 will talk about where we go from here and what that looks like.

All right, thanks again for watching. I will see you next week. Enjoy!