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How Opening Your Mind Can Change the World – Full Moon in Gemini December 18, 2021

During the recent Sagittarius Solar Eclipse, I wrote about how important it is to tell stories of hope. There are many versions of truth, and the way you make and interpret meaning makes a difference. The more you tell the positive stories of what you appreciate and want more of, the better chance you have to align with what you want to see.

This Full Moon could help to develop your story by bringing in new ideas.

Gemini offers the gift of curiosity and wonder, so get curious and open your mind to what you have not yet considered. Through an open mind, new directions and solutions can flow.

On December 28, Jupiter, the planet of beliefs and faith, will go into Pisces where there is a potential to lose your anchor of truth and get confused or persuaded by what you are being told. 

But during the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini, Jupiter is still in Aquarius–the sign of breaking free of restrictions. So around this Full Moon it can be helpful to get clear about your authentic truth–what you believe and what is important to you. That will help you keep your moorings and stay connected to your heart’s truth once Jupiter goes into Pisces.

Asking yourself the following questions can help.

  • What do you believe in, want, and hope for? 
  • Are you opening your mind to the unexpected ways those things might show up? 
  • Are you making space for new ideas and heart-opening possibilities?

When you make room for curiosity and wonder, new things can occur to you. This Full Moon is a good time to be willing to see what you haven’t seen before.