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Could Your Beliefs Be Leading You Astray? – Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse December 3, 2021

This New Moon and Lunar Eclipse is in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, and we are collectively readying our bows to release them in the direction of far-off goals.

Sagittarian energy brings the potential for optimism and a new story of the future. To anchor optimism around this eclipse, tell stories of hope. Share perspectives that offer possibility and potential. Open your own heart and mind to seeing things in new ways. 

Sagittarius also brings an opportunity to re-examine our beliefs, and to embrace new beliefs that will better serve us in achieving more ambitious goals.

Most of the time, beliefs are unconscious. We can easily justify them with what we perceive to be the facts, but how much are we actually viewing the facts through the lens of what we already believe?

For example, perhaps you think dairy products are bad for you and your friend thinks dairy products are good for you. Each of you has a belief that can be backed up with supporting facts, but those facts might be chosen based on what you already believe.

Around this New Moon, you are invited to look closely at what you are assuming to be true without questioning it, especially things that hold you back or challenge you.

Ask deeper questions, such as:

  • Is there something you could be overlooking? 
  • Is there a new perspective you need?
  • What might you learn if you tried doing or thinking about something in a different way?

Looking at things from new angles will help you solve problems. It might also help you see how things aren’t as dire or hopeless as you may have thought.

Whatever you may be facing in your life, there is always a creative way to move through it that hasn’t occurred to you yet. Give yourself the time and space to examine and expand your assumptions and beliefs. The energy of this eclipse will support you in discovering unconsidered possibilities.