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Is there hope for humanity? Are we capable of embracing truly revolutionary values and visions for the future? Join me to learn more about what astrology has to say.

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Transcript of Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving. What are you grateful for? What values are important to you?

Hey there, thanks for dropping by. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and if you are one who is celebrating the United States Thanksgiving holiday you probably are aware that it has a complicated history as we do have a complicated history.

One of the things that astrology can help us with is this process of evolution: how we learn, how we grow, how we change, and how we can become more of the ideals that our founding (patriarchal) fathers might’ve envisioned, or other more diverse groups of people might’ve envisioned as well.

What are the ultimate values and vision and things that we want for the future?

Astrology reminds us that there are constantly evolving cycles of energy and that these cycles of energy are going to bring up particular issues and themes at particular times. That goes from the day-to-day changing energies of the Moon and the Sun to the bigger picture changing energies of the planets over generations, over decades, even over centuries.

We can see this flow of changing opportunities and energies, and one of the wonderful things about being alive is that we are on this continuum of time, so we have we come from a past, we are in the present, and we have available to us the future that has not yet transpired.

And that’s what I would encourage you to focus on because—by definition—the future hasn’t happened yet. We can still help to shape it and we do that through our actions. We also do that through our intentions and working with the astrological energies.

We can kind of catch a wave that we might surf like a surfboard and ride the energy, these astrological energies, to take advantage of what’s present for us and how we can make the most of what is showing up to choose the highest possibilities.

That’s a lot of what I talk about in these videos and I’m super excited because I do have a series coming up in December: Countdown to 2022 where I will be going in depth into some of the bigger picture astrological energies that are showing up and what that’s going to look like as we go from 2021 to 2022.

I’m going to be talking to you about the future of humanity and what we can turn to for hope and what’s going to unfold with big-picture things like climate change and democracy.

Join me to learn how astrologers might answer those questions. I’ll be looking at what’s happening with Pluto as it goes in a few short years from Capricorn into Aquarius and what that means for our change process, and our evolution process.

Other planets I’ll talk about that indicate change are Saturn and Uranus and discovering our authenticity and how we need to act in the world, and Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces and choosing beliefs that shape a more compassionate future.

I’m going to be wrapping it all up with your evolutionary medicine and how to be an agent of change in a changing world, so definitely come join me for those videos in December: Countdown to 2022.

They’ll be posted here, wherever you found this video. Those will be here as well on Thursdays in December, so enjoy your Thanksgiving feast.

Take time for gratitude and for sharing unconditional love and caring for other people as you choose the future that is most important to you, and I’ll be walking you through how to do that using the guidance of the stars.

All right, check me out at astrologyheals.com. I’ve got lots more to share with you there, and I’ll see you I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching. Bye for now!