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We’re in for a rocky ride with tonight’s eclipse. It could knock you down or launch you into profound evolutionary shift – here’s how gratitude can make the difference.

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Transcript of How to Make the Most of Tonight’s Intense Lunar Eclipse

Hey there! I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and we’ve got an astrologically very powerful Lunar Eclipse happening tonight and I wanted to talk to you about it.

I think that my cat wants to say hello, so here she is, she’s wanting attention and I’m here talking to you. So we’ll see how that works out, haha.

I’ve got some information for you and I’ve got some videos coming up in December that are going to be going more in depth in terms of what to expect as we head into 2022 and what could happen, how are things going to unfold.

Of course we don’t predict the future but we do have a lot of insight into what the energies are that we’re dealing with and what that’s going to look like and what can shift and change in the energies as we go forward.

So today, well tonight—technically tomorrow—I guess it falls after midnight, depending on your time zone; anyway, we’ve got a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and that Lunar Eclipse is forming a T-square between the Sun and the Moon and the planet Jupiter.

There’s also an ongoing T-square that’s been hovering in the sky with different planets. The Sun, Mercury, and Mars are forming a T-square with an ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus that I talked about last week… So a couple of T-squares are going on at the same time as we have a Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are powerful alignments of energy that bring the possibility of significant shifts. They tend to be times when things change or evolve. There’s a shift or new development, a new awareness, or something that shifts in the energy in your life.

So that might be a time you will remember because something significant happened or because you had some sort of internal shift.

This Lunar Eclipse of course is in effect for everyone on the planet so it can show up in the collective as well and it does involve a T-square with Mars between ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus so there’s some possibility there for unexpected actions or eruptions of energy.

There is also, certainly with the Moon in Taurus there’s this possibility to experience the way that we connect with the Earth and that’s what I want to really urge you to do around this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is to spend some time with really feeling and taking in the gifts of the earth, touching into feelings of gratitude, experiencing pleasure through, you know, just smelling the aromas of the earth the fall or whatever season it is where you are.

There are only two choices really, haha… But anyway, experiencing the joy of the just the wonderful aromas of the outdoors and the you know, colors and textures, the beauty that is in your life… noticing, paying attention, being grateful for what you do appreciate about the world and really taking that time to consciously tune in and tap into what you’re grateful for, what you appreciate about your life and the world.

Don’t worry about that other stuff it’ll still be there, but just take that moment for gratitude. Gratitude is really powerful and healing and there’s evidence to back that up. Gratitude practice is actually really healing for your mental health and our physical health both.

This Lunar Eclipses can be a great opportunity to take advantage of that, even though you might experience some challenges or some bumps in the road.

So that’s my two cents, and you can check me out on my website.

Come back for sure in December, we will have some in-depth videos counting down to 2022 and looking at the energies that we have going on and how to work with those in the best way possible for your life and to make a positive difference for the world.

Thanks for watching. Check me out at astrologyheals.com. I’ve got a couple of books there for sale that I’ve written. I also have some free offerings so take a look, there’s lots of great stuff there.

Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next time! Bye for now