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How to Turn Challenges to Opportunities – Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse November 19, 2021

When the Sun is in the complicated, feeling-based sign of Scorpio, the Full Moon falls in the opposite sign of earthy, grounded Taurus.

During this Eclipse Full Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all in Scorpio forming two t-squares (one between Sun/Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter, and one between Mars, Uranus, and Saturn).

T-squares bring challenges, and if we approach them the right way we can turn these challenges into opportunities.

To do this, the energy of Taurus reminds us to pay attention to instinct, to what your body tells you before your mind has time to process it. This primal interaction with the world around you taps into a deeper, body-based wisdom.

For example, you might try spending quiet time in nature and paying deeper attention to the smells and sounds, the movement of air currents, the subtleties of temperature and light.

This information is profoundly important to animals, and your own animal instincts will help you connect with the essence of who you are.

You can also do this by paying deep attention to your body–its experiences, needs, and signals.

Here are some ideas:

  • When you go to the grocery store, don’t stick to your “logical” list. Let yourself experience and be guided by the color, the vibrancy, and freshness of the foods in your choices.
  • Freshen up your space with new textures and colors. Bring in art, objects from nature, or aromas that call to you, without needing to know why.
  • Choose a day or a time of day where you let go of having a schedule, and instead check with your body. What does your body want? Try to go with the flow of what you feel like doing. Without judgment, notice what comes up and how it feels.

The Taurus Full Moon is the perfect time to nourish your senses while honoring the deeper mysteries of life. By feeding yourself in this way, you help to turn challenges into opportunities to bring healing and positive change to your life and the world around you.