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The outer planets can give us insight into some of the collective stress humanity is under.

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Transcript of Apocalypse or Awakening

Hey there, welcome! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com, and I love talking to you about the things that happen in astrology and how they relate to the things are happening in our lives and how they can help.

They can help us to have a deeper insight into what’s going on so that we can respond from a more empowered, wholesome-feeling, inspired place. And by wholesome I just mean whole, like bringing our whole selves to the table, so that’s what astrology can do for us.

Often we talk about what’s happening with the Moon cycle, where the Sun is, what’s happening with some of these with some of what we call in astrology the inner planets—the faster moving planets. (In astrology, the Sun and Moon are also called planets because they are bodies that are tracked in astrology—bodies that we follow, and pay attention to their energies and where they are.)

But beyond the inner planets, we also have the outer planets going on in the background. The outer planets tell us what’s going on in the bigger picture. They give some context to the things we experience on a day-to-day basis, with the Moon cycles, the Sun, etc.

So what are those bigger picture energies? One of the themes of 2021 throughout the year has been an ongoing square between two planets Saturn and Uranus. Saturn and Uranus could not be more different.

When two planets come into a square relationship, which just means they are 90° apart in the wheel of the zodiac (or in the sky if you were to look and see them with the telescope or whatever), they are pushing each other’s edges.

A square is a challenging relationship, so it’s like tension or friction that you have with a friend or in a relationship where you want one thing the other person wants another thing and they just don’t quite match and it feels uncomfortable. When that happens there’s, like, nothing you can do except really take a step back, see it from a different perspective and maybe even shift who you’re being in the context of that challenge.

So with the two planets in a square Saturn and Uranus throughout this year, on and off—sometimes more so, sometimes less so—they have been creating this pressure for us in the collective to reconcile the energies of Saturn with the energies of Uranus.

The energies of Saturn are conservative and restrictive, making us feel limited. Examples would be climate change, global pandemic feelings of frustration or powerlessness around political issues feelings of frustration or powerlessness around systems and institutions that are not working for you or that are causing issues or problems in your life.

So that’s Saturn. And then we have the energy of Uranus, which is the energy of freedom, breakthrough, and revolution. It is the energy of doing things in new and different ways to incorporate who we’re becoming and what we want for our future. That can bring solutions to some of those ongoing problems that make us feel limited in the world.

The conflict between

1) what we have in place and the way things are that we can’t change


2) the things that we want in the future, the things we want to see and the ways we want to create that future

… are what is challenging or pushing us collectively throughout this year and will continue into 2022 (although not quite as intensely).

In fact, I’m going to be talking more about this in December and will be sharing a series of videos with you about what to expect in 2022. I’ll share with you what the energies are that are up, what might be changing, and what are things going to look like for our future.

I strongly encourage you to pay attention keep watching these videos that I put out every week on Thursdays! I’ll do some longer ones in December that are out really giving you that background of what things are going to look like as we head into 2022.

Again, in 2021 we’ve had this theme of pressure that is helping us to innovate and see things differently but also causing us to really feel the sense of limitation, the ways that things look really bad, and what we can do about that and how we can change, including what are the ways that we can respond individually.

Of course, and you know we are also stepping into that capacity to think outside the box to see our lives differently, to see our future differently, and to not stick your head in the sand. We can instead show up and say, “okay things look bad, what can I do differently?”

That’s the challenge of the Saturn-Uranus square, and a major background theme for 2021. There are tons more and I’ll talk to you more about what is going on, especially if you check out those more in-depth videos I have coming up in December.

I’ll also have a video every Thursday throughout November—and really most the time I do have a video every Thursday—so stay tuned, pay attention, bookmark my Facebook page or my YouTube page, or wherever it is you are watching my videos and check back.

Thank you so much for watching. You can learn more about me astrologyheals.com. I’ll see you next time. Bye for now!