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The Importance of Feeling and Being – Scorpio New Moon November 4, 2021.

During the Scorpio New Moon, energies go inside and underground as feelings are heightened. Rational thought and mental clarity are less accessible, while heart awareness and energetic sensitivity are more available.

That makes for a general moodiness and a potential for emotional expression or outbursts.

It also creates an energetic environment that supports deeply creative processes through intuition and guidance.

Taking time to let yourself feel and process will help you nurture the seeds inside even if you don’t have any idea what those seeds are about or what they are intending to become.

This time of year is also about change. It is about letting go of what has transpired and what you have created in the past to make way for the stirrings of a new reality.

During the exact New Moon, the Sun and Moon are opposite Uranus. This highlights themes of freedom and authenticity. Being true to yourself may seem to be at odds with what the universe is bringing to your life at the moment, but it is in fact not optional.

So during this New Moon, honor your feelings and create sacred space where you can just be. Take time to:

  • Get some extra sleep and go deep inside
  • Spend quiet time in nature
  • Listen to your inner wisdom
  • Spend time with those you love and trust 
  • Share what you need to express, from your heart

This New Moon is a time to feel and simply be, opening to a dream of the future. Let go of who you have been, and surrender to the mystery of who you are becoming.