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Happy Birthday Scorpio! If you are a Scorpio or know someone who is, you will love learning the deeper meaning of this mysterious sign.

Scorpio Soul Lessons

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Transcript of Soul Lessons for Scorpio

Hey there. I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and I wanted to talk to you today about Scorpio.

Let’s dive in with the soul lessons of this mysterious sign. The Sun recently went into Scorpio so now we have Scorpio season with Halloween coming up, a Scorpio New Moon on November 4, and of course birthdays for our Scorpio selves and Scorpio friends, depending on when your birthday is.

Let’s look at the soul lessons of Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign that deals with mystery, power, truth, and the way that things move and transform beneath the surface.

Scorpio helps us get at the feelings, the moods that we’re having energy, the way that things are moving, the potential that we have for healing that is not necessarily something we can understand or put into words. It’s hard to explain to our friends why we’re feeling the way we’re feeling because things are moving and happening below the surface.

Scorpio Soul Lessons Graphic

The soul lessons that Scorpio brings us involve moving from some of the lower possibilities of Scorpio, which include being secretive or manipulative, again we’re dealing with themes of power and how power is used and how we are relating to the things that are moving and inside of us.

Feeling shame, being prone to using or abusing power or trust, feeling misunderstood, feeling detachment or uncaring because of the potency of the Scorpio energy, feeling wary or distrustful of others are lower possibilities. Other possibilities include being seen as intense or having people just think you’re too intense to understand or make sense of in that mysterious place that you might find yourself, or overly identifying as a victim.

These are the things that we can fall into, the pitfalls of Scorpio, the things that we are moving and healing away from. This is true for all Scorpio Sun people. It’s also true for everyone because we all have Scorpio somewhere in our charts and we all go through this Scorpio time of year when we are being invited to learn these lessons

The higher possibilities are the things we are learning about. These include how to embody and honor the sacred, the ability to feel things profoundly, and the ability to relate to and move energy and healing at deep levels.

Sometimes we have the shadow things that come up and the emotional process that needs to be worked through. But as we do that we are transforming old things that no longer serve us and allowing them to become something more powerful, more empowering, and something that serves us better.

Transformation, shamanic kinds of activities or feelings, stepping into that place of empowerment for ourselves where we are capable of intimacy and soul connection—deep connections with others that are based on trust and mutual sharing and honoring of one another’s process—these are the things we are learning during this Scorpio time of year.

I hope that’s been helpful for you as you learn more about the Scorpio parts of yourself and anyone in your life who is a Scorpio and why they are the way they are and what it is that life is teaching them, and us.

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Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time. Enjoy the Scorpio season!