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Yesterday’s Full Moon was about finding courage. Here’s what it means for you.

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Transcript of Warrior Full Moon

Hey there! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com, and I’m so glad you’re here because I want to talk to you about the recent Aries Full Moon.

I want to share what Full Moons mean for you, and your process of healing and growth, both for yourself and also what it means for the planet and the collective in the world we live in.

We had a Full Moon in the sign of Aries, and Aries energy is proactive, courageous, and a little bit volatile. It is about action without a lot of thought behind it and there’s the impulse to take action, be direct or be spontaneous, take risks, or do something that you normally maybe would hold back from.

This Aries Full Moon brings in that energy of Aries, and when we are centered and grounded within ourselves that Aries energy can really support us in having courage.

Think of the difference between being ungrounded and a little bit caught up in your emotion or not really thinking things through and taking an action that you maybe regret because you were really clear when you did it…

Think about the difference between that and taking that same Aries energy and getting really clear within yourself—taking care of your needs so that you feel grounded and able to respond, clear about what’s important to you—and then that same Aries energy comes along and you have a the ability to take action that normally maybe you wouldn’t and that’s where the courage comes in.

Maybe you can say something that you need to say that’s really important, to take a risk on something that feels uncomfortable but is ultimately really the best thing for you for your own healing for the greater good and what needs to happen.

The more you’re taking care of yourself, the more you’re grounded, the more you’re clear… the more that Aries impulse can be directed toward taking action in a way that is good for you and good for creating the healing and the results that you want around you.

Maybe that is speaking up for yourself in a relationship. Maybe it is having a boundary and saying “I’m not going to do that because I’m going to take care of myself.” Maybe it’s saying something to somebody who is a little bit clueless and needs to hear your point of view.

What is your courageous action that you are going to take around this Full Moon, and how do Full Moons in general, support our ongoing healing and growth?

Full Moon energy is present for everyone, not just you. But when you are the one who’s clear about yourself and what you need to do, then you’re going to take actions that are better for the whole—better for yourself, better for those around you, better to support the changes and healing that needs to happen around you and that supports the changes and healing that need to happen in the world, which make the world a better place.

Maybe it’s as simple as taking care of yourself so you can take that extra deep breath and get clear about what you need to say and then say it, instead of acting impulsively and saying something that you might regret. And that supports healing in the world around you because that has a positive impact.

Maybe somebody who was the recipient of your choice gets to now feel better or take care of themselves better and pass on that positive way of responding along.

Full Moons in general are part of our ongoing process of healing and evolution, self-care, and stepping into our full potential of wellness: wellness physically, mentally emotionally, and having a feeling of spiritual connection.

Body, mind, emotion, and spirit are the dimensions of our wholeness and wellness and this evolutionary process of becoming more whole, healthy, and well is facilitated by the ongoing Moon cycle.

The Moon cycle helps us step into higher consciousness and higher possibility. We do this when we set our intentions at the New Moon and see what is revealed back to us at the Full Moon.

I go into this in greater depth on my website astrologyheals.com. You can sign up there for a free video series called the Four Keys to Creating Your Soul-Based Action Plan that will support you in creating a plan that can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

The free video series will show you how these Moon cycles can support you in that process and how your own chart and information that you may not even know about your own astrology can help you move forward and do this healing work for yourself, be stronger and more solid for those around you, and make a bigger difference for the world (and helping to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem).

Check it out at astrologyheals.com. The Four Keys to Creating Your Soul-Based Action Plan—you will get more insight into these Moon cycles and so much more so check that out and thanks for watching today.

Take care of yourself around this Aries Full Moon and enjoy take some risks. Have fun and thanks again! I will see you later.