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Unapologetically Bringing Yourself to the Table – Aries Full Moon October 20, 2021.

This Aries Full Moon continues the October themes of doing the deeper work of embodying truth through authenticity in the context of your relationships or community

Full Moons reveal, and the Aries (action) energy may reveal new information related to relationship issues and issues of balance and authenticity that have been coming up in your life in recent weeks.

It could illuminate new awareness about what you need to do, or what direction you need to go in, to help move issues forward. Unhealthy dynamics that have been confusing or stuck may begin to shift, but could mean needing to say or do something that requires courage.

Pluto (truth and power) is in a t-square (challenging relationship) with the Moon (your heart) and Sun (your mind). The Sun is conjunct (next to) Mars in Libra, bringing a need for courage and action, enhancing the Aries Full Moon tendency to take action or speak truth to power without fully thinking through first.

The more grounded you are in your truth and what is important to you, the more you will be able to take actions that are effective and make a difference in situations that need some courage to move forward. 

It may help you to think about a challenging situation in a relationship or something another person or group is doing that bothers you, and journal or reflect on the following questions:

  • Why does that situation bother you? (E.g. Does it prevent you from having something you want? Is it ineffective or inefficient? Is it causing harm?)
  • What would you like to see change? (E.g. Do you want to feel supported? Do you want to be understood? Do you need to be treated better?)
  • Why is that change important to you at deeper levels? (E.g. Would it help you feel more peaceful? Would it bring you more balance or free time? Would it help you feel cared for?)

Getting specific about what bothers you and why, and getting clear about what is important to you at deeper levels, can help you find courage and take actions that will bring healing and greater ease into your relationships and life.