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Happy Birthday Libra! We are all impacted by the sign of inner & outer peace, justice, balance, and relationships. Here’s what you need to know.

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Transcript of the Soul Lessons of Libra

Hey there! I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and today I wanted to talk to you about the soul lessons of the sign of Libra.

We are in the Libra time of year, when the Sun is in Libra and all the Libra people have their birthday… so happy birthday Libra!

We are also in the time of year when there’s a New Moon in Libra. The Libra new Moon this year happened on October 6. It was a pretty potent New Moon, being on the same day as Pluto stationed direct.

Pluto stationing direct brings a tone of profound feelings and truth—it deals with issues of power and themes of transformation—into the Libra energy that we’re experiencing.

We had Pluto stationing direct on the same day as the Libra New Moon. We also had and have Mercury retrograde so the energy of Mercury going retrograde in Libra is also bringing up a lot of Libra themes.

So this is a great time to review the soul lessons and qualities of Libra. And of course, in Astrology Heals, we always look at everything in terms of how is it encouraging us to grow, what is the opportunity here.

What is the request that is being made of our souls in how we can step into our wholeness: feel more joy, more purpose, more aliveness, and how is whatever is happening right now supporting us in that learning and growth that we are constantly doing?

I want to share this screen with you—let me get that up there—the Soul Lessons of Libra. Libra is a sign of the zodiac that is an air sign. It deals with balance.

That is why it is associated with relationships because it is the way that we learn about how our perspective gets balanced out by another person’s perspective.

That also applies to groups, so if your group has a belief or shared value that is in conflict with another group that same principle of Libra applies. You want to ask questions like:

  • “How can we come together?”
  • “How can’s how can we see things from that other side and see why those values or principles might be important for us to consider as well?”
  • “Where can we find common ground?”

This is of course how groups of people who are in conflict, or nations that are in conflict, ultimately need to be able to come together in order to bring peace. It’s how you end wars and conflicts.

It is the same in our homes and relationships when we have conflict, when we have challenges in getting along with another person—whether that’s in an intimate partnership or any 1:1 relationship. It could be a friendship, peer relationship, or a colleague at work. It is that theme of how you balance out with another person who is there, a person who makes you feel good, or maybe pushes your buttons, and there you have a relationship.

Libra is helping us by reminding us to bring balance. When we compromise excessively, when we compromise our own perspective or values, that is not bringing balance.

The self-sacrifice that we can do sometimes with Libra is not the healthiest way of approaching things. With Libra it’s all about listening to someone else’s perspective, but also sharing your own perspective and bringing your own opinions and point of view to the table.

The lower possibilities for Libra include self-sacrifice: excessive compromise, allowing your own needs to go unmet. Being a people pleaser, wanting others to be happy, and sacrificing your own needs for the sake of pleasing others or maintaining the peace.

Another theme that can go with Libra energy is the inability to act or be decisive and that ability to see both sides of an issue and the feeling of “I can’t really say that one is better than the other.”

That indecisiveness can be something with Libra that we are needing to learn how to be more decisive and more clear so that we can move forward.

Another possibility for Libra of course is being overly accommodating and, again, adapting to someone else’s needs when maybe that really isn’t in the best interest of the whole.

With Libra we can think about the whole and what are the ways that we can bring in this balance. Then we are getting the Libra lessons.

This is true, of course, if you are Libra—if you have a Libra Sun and your birthday is around this Libra time. It is also true for all of us as we go through these Libra energies that these themes are coming up. We have the New Moon in Libra, the Sun in Libra, and Mercury retrograde in Libra, all these things that are happening for everyone at the same time during the Libra time of the year.

This year this is happening now through around October 23, and what we’re learning is these higher possibilities for Libra.

The higher possibilities is ultimately where we are heading, if we choose. This is what we are learning: how to create balance in our lives. We want to have inner peace; we want to bring balance, justice, and harmony again. This is for ourselves, but also in the world.

So where are the injustices in the world? The imbalances? How do those imbalances need to be rectified in order for us to have a greater peace, harmony, and wholeness for the greater good?

We are learning the ability to access the greatest common good—what is the best for everyone in the situation and how can we see the situation in a way that can have a good outcome for everyone? That’s a good Libra lesson.

The lesson is about creating healthy relationships, healthy dialogue, conversation, and the ability to see other perspectives. This is important, of course, for all of us. The work that we do to build and create healthy relationships in our lives is very much work that we do on ourselves to:

  • share your own perspective
  • be better listeners
  • be present for the other person
  • let go of some of the places where you feel like you need to be in control

When you let go of needing things to go a certain way you can open yourself to… maybe there’s another way that is also good that is more inclusive, more balanced, more whole and better for everyone involved.

These are the kinds of lessons that Libra brings us and whether you’re Libra or whether you’re just a human being alive right now we are going through the these Libra energies and things are coming up for us.

Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoy this. Please check me out at astrologyheals.com. I’ve got books for sale and other opportunities for working with me if you’d like to learn more about your own chart so check it out!

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time.