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How healers and activists can optimize this week’s Cancer New Moon for healing and creating a bold new vision for the future.

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Transcript of What this week’s Cancer New Moon has in store

I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and this week I want to talk to you about the Cancer New Moon that is happening this week and how you as a healer or visionary or changemaker or an activist can work with this energy to support your own ongoing process.

The world right now, of course, needs healers and activists to actively participate in being agents of creating the future, creating the new systems and structures, and foundations of who we are becoming of what is possible for us.

There’s a lot of opening right now as things break down. Last year was about breakdown and now it’s about actively envisioning a new future and what that will look like and how we are going to solve the problems of the modern day.

Many of these problems cannot be solved in the systems of the past. The answers of the past simply won’t work to solve who we have become, already, with climate change, with racism, with all kinds of things we need to have visionary new solutions

So this Cancer New Moon… Cancer is the sign of healing, of caring and nurturing, of safety… and this is just a reminder that everything begins with creating safety.

How you can actively work on creating more safety, so that people around you feel safe? We all need to feel safe so we can be honest, vulnerable, and move through whatever is coming up. You can do this by identifying what they need to move through their own healing process and really creating space for this experience of healing and what that looks like.

Many people are really beginning to tap into new possibilities and figuring out what that could look like, and this New Moon is an opportunity to feel support in creating more safety for yourself.

  • What does that look like for you in your life?
  • How are your needs being taken care of?
  • How can you do that at deeper levels so that you’re stronger and more effective at the work you do to help other people?

This is about recharging your batteries because you are not as effective in generating the changes that you can envision if your batteries are not charged. So this is your regular reminder that self-care is important.

You have to take care of yourself, and one way to do that is in creating safe space. So how can you do that in your life? How can you do that for the people you work with? How can you do that for people you advocate for or with (or however that works for you)?

Take advantage of this New Moon and take some time around it to set your intentions that help you create new structures that support the feeling of safety and the ongoing healing process.

Hopefully that is helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching. You can check me out at astrologyheals.com where I have a free video series you can sign up for.

It’s called Four Keys to Creating your Soul-Based Action Plan, and you will create your own Soul-Based Action Plan that helps you generate the future you envision whether that is something you want to bring about in your own life or something you want to make happen in the world. This plan will support you in making it happen, so check it out at astrologyheals.com.

Thanks so much for watching and I will see you next time. Bye for now!