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If things in your life have been changing or if you’ve experienced confusion lately, watch this to understand what is changing beneath the surface.

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Transcript of Meaning of the June 24 Capricorn Full Moon

Hi everyone! I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

Today there is a Full Moon in Capricorn that I want to talk to you about.

Earlier this week, Mercury went direct, and actually, Jupiter also changed directions a few days ago to go retrograde.

Then, right after the Capricorn Full Moon, a few hours after the exact Capricorn Full Moon, Neptune is changing directions to go retrograde.

So what do all these things mean? When we have a Capricorn Full Moon, we are in the energy of what Capricorn represents, which is the power of work, and putting in effort, and working towards something to earn results… to create structures and tangible rewards.

As we are working with this Capricorn Full Moon energy, we are coming off of two eclipses. First, the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse that was in May and then the Gemini Solar Eclipse from earlier in June.

These eclipses bring potent energies, so you may feel like you been doing a lot of change or work on yourself lately or feeling lost or confused.

The other thing that’s happening is that we have—throughout the year 2021—we have the square between Saturn and Uranus that is pressuring us to evolve.

There is a lot of pressure to step into new ways of being, to step into the future, to step into new possibility. What that does is it pushes us into a place that were unfamiliar with.

It represents new possibility and new horizons but it’s also uncomfortable because we like our old familiar ways. We like being comfy in the habits and patterns that we have, that have worked for us.

What we’re going through right now in this time period is a change in those patterns and habits and our daily routines.

It might look like our habitual thoughts, you know, the things that you think in your day-to-day life, like beliefs you have about yourself, the world, the way other people are, or the way things are.

So just noticing, you know, “just because I always thought it was that way or it seemed like it was that way doesn’t necessarily mean it always will be that way.”

We are stepping into these new ways of being, or stepping into new attitudes and approaches and understandings of why things are the way they are.

As you’re stepping into those new ways of being, we’re going to begin… Especially as Mercury is now moving forward and with the Capricorn Full Moon and energy of structure and form that we’re going to start to see what these new ways of being are going to look.

We’re going to start to see how that takes shape in the world and in our lives, so pay attention and notice what may be coming up for you and how that will look.

As I mentioned, we also have Neptune stationing retrograde, and a few days ago Jupiter stationed retrograde in Pisces. Neptune is stationing retrograde in Pisces.

So we have very much this energy of Neptune in Pisces, which is the bigger picture how we connect with spirit, with the bigger picture of love and unconditional love and compassion and empathy and just this bigger transcendent interconnectedness of everything.

It’s also about opening to the flow and we are going to, as both of those planets go retrograde, begin doing the spiritual work that’s going to be taking place inward, within so upgrades and adaptations of our spirituality, of our belief systems and what that looks like and feels like.

You might be going through some changes as you connect with the bigger picture of truth, a bigger sense of who you are and how you flow in the world and what that looks like.

We are finding new structures. We’re beginning to move forward. We’re beginning to see what this new future and new way of being is going to look like. And while we’re doing so, we’re also opening to a bigger picture of connectedness and spirituality.

All right, thanks for watching. I will see you again next time.

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I’ll see you next time!