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You have the power to create the future. Here is how to use it!

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Transcript of Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness

I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

  • If you’re a healer or visionary, or an activist working to make the world a better place…
  • If you are interested in making your life a better life and taking responsibility for that from within…
  • If you recognize that you have the power to make what you can of your own life…

If so, then you probably also recognize that we are in an evolutionary period in humanity’s history.

Especially in the last few years, we’ve had really accelerated evolution and there’s really the possibility for significant shifts in consciousness. That shifting consciousness has to do with how we view the world and how we view our relationship to our own experience.

We can see this actually being demonstrated by modern physics, and modern science—new paradigms of science—that we are really just now beginning to attempt to wrap our minds around and part of this has to do with our capacity to affect the outcomes of our lives or whatever it is we’re working on.

We can affect—this has been shown scientifically—we can affect outcomes through our choices and our intentions and the emotions that we choose to feel on purpose.

There been lots of studies actually that have shown that when we choose to align our thoughts, feelings, and intentions… when we do so mindfully and with a vision for what it is we want to create, and also with gratitude for who we are and what we have… amazing things are possible for our lives.

We can create better lives for ourselves but we can also impact the future, including the vision that we have for humanity, the world, and all beings. This is actually very exciting.

As we become more aware of our human potential and evolve into beings who are able to not just react to the world that happens—you know, things that happen to us—to not just feel like we’re victims or we’re powerless in the face of things that can happen to us in the world…

When you think back to our ancestors, that was really how the world, how we experienced the world. It was, you know, scary things are out there.

We do our best to try and control things and make sure that we’re safe or make sure that those scary things don’t happen or to mitigate the damage if they do happen.

So much of us is really still in that mindset of reactivity, of defensiveness, of protecting ourselves and sort of building up walls around what we can envision happening or what we’re afraid will happen on all sorts of levels, both consciously and unconsciously.

And what we are stepping into, how we are evolving, is into our ability to… through the power of our intention and alignment and choice, conscious choice and mindfulness… that we can actually shape our experience and what kind of future we’re stepping into.

We can see that that actually works, and that’s some of the science behind why we are doing Manifesting with Moon Cycles, my program where people are working together to use the astrological powers that we have—the systems and processes that are built in to our sky and our experience—these Moon cycles that help us work on these different levels and work with our intentions and work in a cyclical, aligned, supported, co-creative way with the universe that that we live in, and also that we’re simultaneously agents of shaping that world.

I hope that makes sense. It is really exciting and I hope that you’ll consider coming to join us in Manifesting with Moon Cycles, especially at the paid level.

In Lunar Expedition, which is the paid level of my member program, we are actively doing this work together of setting intentions of working with the Moon cycles and not just Moon cycles, but all of the astrology and the ways that it provides us an energetic understanding of what’s happening and how to optimize the available energies.

As a participant you learn how to work with it consciously, how to give yourself permission, or cut yourself some slack. It’s easier when you understand what’s happening, and know how to be in the flow as opposed to trying to fight the flow.

To check it out, go to astrologyheals.com and click on Manifesting with Moon Cycles. You will learn all about how to join us in Lunar Expedition, and you could be part of our group working to set intentions and create the lives and the futures that we want through working with Moon cycles and other astrology.

You don’t have to have experience or know any of the astrology because I walk you through it. I give you all the information and you use that to empower your own path and your own process.

All right thanks for watching today. I hope you’ll check it out, Lunar Expedition is the paid member level of Manifesting with Moon Cycles. You can check it out at astrologyheals.com.

All right, hope to see there. Bye for now!