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Learn what Mercury retrograde in Gemini means for healers and visionaries, and how changemakers can use this time of review to enhance forward progress.

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Transcript of Leveraging Mercury Retrograde

Hey there! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com, and today I wanted to talk to you about the Mercury retrograde in Gemini that we are in right now, and what that means for healers and visionaries and changemakers.

If you are a changemaker, you are on the path of wanting to work with the natural rhythms of the universe that help us do the change work to get from where we are to where we really want to be, and that’s how a healing process works.

You imagine the healed state, or the future that you want to be in, and then you align yourself with the energies of change that astrology helps us tap into. That helps you get where you’re going.

So how does Mercury retrograde help us get where we want to be, wherever that is for you? …whether it’s working on something you care about or are interested in, or a healing process for yourself, or getting from where you’ve been stuck to where you want to be.

When Mercury is retrograde, it’s about us taking our thinking and mental processes inward. The planet Mercury is the messenger. The God Mercury was the messenger and for us it’s about communication and it’s about how we communicate in the world, but also how we process ideas and thoughts, which is internal communication.

When Mercury goes retrograde, we want to take that process internally. It’s a good time to process our ideas, do some brainstorming, connect with your vision for the future, journal, and write things out.

That’s going to be how you will use your own internal communication to connect with what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

As you go through the Mercury in Gemini period, it is also inviting you to follow tangents. That’s what Gemini is so good at, so explore things that you’re interested in. Take a little extra time to go down a small rabbit hole to explore your curiosity: something that you’re interested in or want to learn more about.

It just might be something that you are really needing, so let yourself have a little bit of that curiosity time and time to learn new things during this Mercury retrograde.

The current Mercury retrograde period started on May 29 and it will last about three weeks. We have this opportunity to do a little more inward focus on our ideas.

So again, this can be good for journaling and brainstorming, also writing, thinking, and talking. Communicating with others is good, but keep in mind that when Mercury is retrograde communication goes inward, so outward communication can sometimes get muddled or jammed up.

That’s why sometimes we have issues with our technology not working. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the normal things that you would do: meetings, events that you’re planning, whatever plans you have that you’re putting in place…

Those things can still happen during Mercury retrograde, you just want to double check that your that your plans are on track. You want to back up your systems. You want to be thinking about where things could go wrong and just create a little safety net for those possibilities.

That gives you also the time and space to go inward into your own internal communication process as you connect with the ideas that you might have, the things that you can explore and learn about that might help you reach your vision.

Take time to honor and acknowledge your curiosity and explore the things you’re interested in and journal and write about it. When you’re taking that time for the internal processing, Mercury retrograde should support you in the change process that you are working on.

All right, thank you so much for watching. You can check me out astrologyheals.com. See you next time! Bye for now.