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Connecting with the bigger picture brings real abundance – and the ability to go (or grow) beyond boundaries.

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Transcript of Archetype of Jupiter: The Planet of Expansion and Abundance

Hey there! I’m Marina Ormes the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com, and today I wanted to talk to you about the archetype of Jupiter.

Jupiter is one of the planets in the sky—and in astrology—and it is the ruler of the sign of Sagittarius.

Traditionally it was also the ruler of Pisces, and the planet Jupiter, of course, is the biggest planet in our solar system. It is a gas giant. It represents themes that have to do with expansion, growth abundance, and going beyond boundaries.

It’s about moving past boundaries in themes like travel, and it also has to do with our beliefs. So when you think about boundaries…

Imagine if you are… if you live on a piece of property, and you have a fence around that property. The fence is defining the limits of the property.

Well, our beliefs serve that same function. They define the limits of what we understand, how we operate, what we put our faith and our trust into.

It’s what we believe and understand to be true, and that is just like that fence going around your property. The archetype of Jupiter and the energy of Jupiter is about going beyond that fence.

It’s about exploring so what is beyond that fence so that’s why Jupiter has to do—and Sagittarius—they both have to do with travel and going beyond boundaries, but they also have to do with making meaning out of the world.

So beliefs are the same way. Beliefs are like that fence that we put around something that we understand. We know how it works, and those are our beliefs.

One of the functions that Jupiter brings us is to help us grow and to expand our beliefs, to explore and expand into new territories and to integrate the things that we learn to make new beliefs.

So we are making meaning. Jupiter is the way that we tell stories about the experiences we have, what is it that’s feel significant. How do we want to tell that story… how do we want to integrate all the little data points that we experience and put them together to make one story or one set of meaning that explains or tells the story of what happened or how we’ve integrated the new things that we’ve learned.

That is why the archetype of Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius both have to do with how we make that meaning and teaching, philosophy, broadcasting… anything where we are understanding or synthesizing or making meaning out of something and then sharing that meaning.

There is also religion. Religion is this is a way of creating beliefs and holding the information about the truth about how we want to operate, about what we want to agree on. Religion beliefs and faith, Jupiter and Sagittarius have to do with all of those things.

This week we have Jupiter… and this is the reason I’m choosing to focus on Jupiter right now is because Jupiter is going into Pisces.

Jupiter spends on average about a year in a sign and this year it’s gone into Aquarius. It’s gone quickly all the way through Aquarius and is going into Pisces where it will spend a few weeks and then go retrograde and then it will go back into Aquarius again, where will spend the rest of the year.

This brief time that we have with Jupiter in Pisces is going to take us into this place of expansion, so we have an opportunity to open to new beliefs, and a new understanding of the way things work.

It is a chance to grow ourselves, to grow and expand into new territories of understanding, meaning, and beliefs, and to connect with a bigger spiritual picture of why we’re here… to invite in that feeling of truth and wisdom and clarity about what’s important to us and our hearts.

That’s what we want to think about with Jupiter going into Pisces and then of course we also have an upcoming Sagittarius eclipse that will help us with that whole process. It is going to help us connect with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in in the sign of Sagittarius which brings in that Jupiter energy and that possibility for seeing a bigger picture.

It is a chance to really open ourselves to a bigger picture of meaning, and update our beliefs to a new belief system that works better for who we’re becoming.

The pitfall that we should watch out for is the potential to lose ourselves, to get confused, to, sort of, lose the ground or get lost in the fog or follow something that might be addictive. It could be a little bit addictive or draw us in, in a way that disconnects us from our place of grounding.

So be sure to stay grounded through this process and be clear about who you are and what’s important to you and it will all go well.

All right. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time!

I’m Marina Ormes at astrologyheals.com. Thanks for watching.